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  • Distress signal

    An urgent signal for help assistance.

  • Distributed load

    A load that acts over a part or the whole of the surface of the structure.

  • Distribution

    Electricity supply to various items of equipment, often at different voltages.

  • Distribution board

    A grouping of electrical equipment in a distribution system, which supplies minor items such as lighting. It is...

  • Disturbance

    Any change inside or outside a control system which disturbs the equilibrum.

  • Diver

    A person who dives, especially one who works under water using a diving-suit.

  • Diver lock-out compartment

    A compartment within an underwater system or vehicle provided with internally pressurizing capability to transfer...

  • Diverter

    A type of blowout preventer used on an oil rig to divert fluid safely from well under “kick” or rapid pressure...

  • Diving

    The offshore industry is heavily dependant on diving operations. Air diving is used for the inspection and repair...

  • Diving bell

    A manned, non-self-propelled submersible tethered unit consisting of at least one chamber internally pressurized...

  • Diving support vessel (DSV)

    A vessel provided with diving equipment and used for underwater work such as the maintenance and inspection of...

  • Diving Support Vessel SEVEN ATLANTIC

    According to Holland Shipbuilding June 2009 The SEVEN ATLANTIC, delivered by IHC Merwede in 2009 to Subsea 7...

  • Diving system

    Compressed air or gas mixture saturation system for the conduct of diving operations. Surface compression chamber...

  • Dock

    1. A place where a ship can be moored. A wet dock is a port area isolated from tidal water movements by a lock...

  • Dock tests

    Acceptance tests performed on ship equipment and systems, in the presence of an Owner’s supervisor and/or a class...

  • Docking Plan

    A plan used by the head of a dry dock to determine the blocking required for a vessel prior to entering the dock.

  • Docking plugs

    Double bottom tanks are provided with plugs to allow draining prior to examination in a dry dock. Plugs of water...

  • Docking stresses

    Stresses occurring in a ship structure when it is not supported by water, e.g. in a dry or floating dock.


    DOCKWISE VANGUARD is a semi-submersible vessel for heavy transport and offshore dry-docking built by Hyundai Heavy...

  • Domestic water

    Water that may be used for drinking or cooking.

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