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  • Disc grinder

    Any machine that grinds by the action of a rotating disc.

  • Discharge

    Any release from a ship including any escape, disposal, spilling, leaking, pumping, emitting or emptying.

  • Discharge book

    An essential document for officers and seamen as it serves an official certificate confirming their sea experience...

  • Discharges

    Any piping leading through the ship sides for conveying bilge water, cooling water, drains, etc.

  • Discontinuity

    An interrption of the typical structure of a material, such as lack of homogeneity in its mechanicall, metallurgical...

  • Discreet Security Alert System

    The purpose of this system is to send a covert signal from a ship which will be not obvious to anyone on the ship...

  • Disembark

    Refers to any time that the crew leave the ship, be it a port call or final destination.

  • Displacement

    It is the weight of water displaced by this vessel at any waterline. It is the product of the volume of its underwater...

  • Displacement curve

    A curve showing the displacement of a vessel in fresh or salt water at any draft.

  • Displacement pump

    A pump operating by the reduction or increase in volume of a space by mechanical action which physically moves...

  • Displacement vessel

    A craft that is supported by the buoyancy of the water it displaces.

  • Displacement water

    Water added to the separator bowl to displace the oil and to ensure there is no loss of oil at sludge discharge.

  • Display

    Means by which a device presents visual information to the navigator, including conventional instrumentation.

  • Dissolved gases

    Any gas present in water. It may be released when boiled.

  • Dissolved solids

    Any impurities existing in pure water either produced by an evaporator or used as boiler feed water.

  • Distillate

    1. Product of condensation of freshwater vapour. 2. Any product obtained by distilling petroleum and condensing...

  • Distillation

    The production of pure water from seawater by evaporation and re-condensing. The main purpose of distillation is...

  • Distortion

    The effects of welding on a metal plate. It may appear as shrinkage or an angular twisting. Distortion of steel...

  • Distress

    A term used when a ship requires immediate assistance.

  • Distress alert

    A radio signal from a distressed automatically directed to a RCC giving position, identification, course and speed...

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