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  • DeNOx

    Process of removing nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the exhaust of lean-burn engines, especially by using selective...

  • Density

    Mass per volume unit. Expressed in kg/m3 at a specified temperature, normally at 15°C.

  • Deposit attack

    An attack at the edge of a local deposit formed on metal surface in the presence of an electrolyte.

  • Depth

    - Depth moulded – Moulded depth of a ship is measured at the middle of length L, from the top of keel to the uppermost...

  • Depth of fusion

    The distance that fusion penetrates the base metal or previous bead from the surface melted during welding.

  • Derating

    The operation of a diesel engine at normal maximum cylinder pressure for its continuous sea service rating, but...

  • Derelict

    Deserted goods or any other commodity, especially a vessel abandoned at sea.

  • Derrick

    1. A crane consisting of a boom and a mast with a whip and a tackle connected to a deck winch. Derricks may be...

  • Desalination

    The removal of any chemical salts from seawater to produce distilled water. The equipment used may be described...

  • Desiccant

    A substance which can absorb moisture, e.g. anhydrous calcium chloride. It is often used as a drying agent.

  • Design depth of the underwater unit

    The depth in meters (feet) of water equivalent to the maximum pressure which the underwater unit is designed for...

  • Design internal pressure of the hyperbaric chamber

    The maximum pressure which the hyperbaric chamber is designed for and approved to operate.

  • Design mission time

    The maximum effective recharging interval for life support, compressed air and electrical systems which the underwater...

  • Design pressure of a piping system

    The pressure which each piping system element is designed for.

  • Design temperature of a piping system

    The maximum temperature which each piping component is designed to operate at.

  • Despatch days

    The days saved by loading or discharging quicker than stated in the charter party. The charterer may seek compensation...

  • Destination

    Port that a vessel is bound for.

  • Desulphurization

    The removal of sulphur and sulphur compounds from gases or petroleum liquids.

  • Detection

    The determination of the location of survivors or survival craft, (SOLAS , Chapter III). See also Lifesaving.

  • Devil’s claw

    A stretching screw with two heavy hooks or claws. It is used to secure an anchor in a hawse pipe.

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