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  • Deck plating

    The plating forming the covering of a deck, considered collectively.

  • Deck seal

    A non-return valve arranged to prevent the back-flow of flammable gases, from cargo tanks, into an inert gas plant.

  • Deck ship

    A ship specially intended to carry cargo exclusively on the deck.

  • Deck stringer

    The strake of deck planting that runs along the outboard edge of a deck.

  • Deck structure

    The deck plating with stiffeners, girders and supporting pillars.

  • Deck-hand

    Seaman who works on the deck and stays in the wheelhouse attending to the orders of the duty officers during navigation...

  • Deckhouse

    An enclosed erection on or above the weather deck that does not extend from side to side of the ship.

  • Declaration of security

    An agreement reached between a ship and port facility or another ship specifying the security measures to be implemented...

  • Decohesion

    Breaking within the thickness of a paint film.

  • Deep pipelaying

    Deepwater generally means greater than 500m, whereas very deep water means 1000m or deeper for offshore pipeline...

  • Deep-sea trades

    The traffic routes of both cargo and passenger vessels which regularly operate on the high seas or on long voyages.

  • Deepwell cargo pumps

    Electrically- or hydraulically-driven cargo pumps used in tanker cargo pumping system. A deepwell pump is submerged...

  • Defect of welded joint

    A discontinuity or discontinuities that by nature or accumulated effect (for example total crack length) render...

  • Defective weld

    A weld with one or more defects.

  • Deformation

    Any change of shape or dimensions of a body caused by stresses, thermal expansion or contraction, chemical or metallurgical...

  • Dehumidification

    Reducing the humidity. Humidity and condensation can cause damage to cargoes and also to the holds or tanks containing...

  • Dehumidifier

    A substance or a machine used to reduce humidity in holds or cargo tanks. Calcium chloride and silica gel are water-absorbing...

  • Delamination

    Peeling from undercoat or substrate.

  • Demersal species

    Fish which live at the bottom of the sea, for instance a sole, a hake and a halibut and those which live near the...

  • Dendamix Marine

    A spray-on mineral-fibre insulation material. Using Dendamix Marine as noise or thermal insulation is said to give...

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