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  • Davits

    Lifting devices for handling lifeboats, rescue boats, liferafts, stores, hoses, etc. - Gravity davits – Davits...

  • Dead cover, deadlight

    A hinged, bronze or steel plate serving to protect the glass portlight in heavy weather.

  • Dead flat

    1. A portion of a ship side or bottom where the plating has no curvature. 2. The midship portion of constant cross...

  • Dead ship condition

    The condition under which the main propulsion plant, boilers and auxiliaries are not in operation due to the absence...

  • Dead slow

    The lowest speed at which a ship can still be manoeuvred.

  • Deadlight

    1. A portlight that does not open. 2. A hinged, bronze or steel plate serving to protect the glass portlight in...

  • Deadrise, raise of floor

    The rise or upward slant of the bottom of a ship from the keel to the bilge.

  • Deadweight (DWT)

    The deadweight is the difference between the displacement and the mass of empty vessel (lightweight) at any given...

  • Deadweight scale

    A drawing used for estimating the additional draught or for determining the extra load that could be taken on board...

  • Deadwood

    The flat, vertical portion of the aft end of a ship.

  • Deaerator

    The efficient operation of water-tube boilers requires clean boiler feed, free from gases in solution, (e.g. air...

  • Decibel

    A sound level unit which is one-tenth of a bel. It is used to compare levels of sound.

  • Deck

    A platform in a ship corresponding to a floor in a building. See also car decks. - Bulkhead deck – The bulkhead...

  • Deck beam

    Athwartship element of a vessel structure, which supports deck plating and which acts as a strut or tie connecting...

  • Deck decompression chamber

    A unit consisting of two chambers (entry lock and main lock) installed on a support ship. This chamber allows for...

  • Deck equipment, deck machinery, hull machinery

    A term applied to steering gear, capstans, windlasses, winches, and miscellaneous machinery located on the decks...

  • Deck gang

    The officers and seamen employed in the deck department. Also called deck crew, deck department, or just deck.

  • Deck girder

    A continuous girder running in a fore-and-aft direction on the underside of deck beams.

  • Deck log, also called Captain Log

    A full nautical record of a ship voyage, noted down at the end of each watch by the deck officer on watch.

  • Deck officer

    It refers to all officers who assist the Master in navigating the vessel when underway, and supervise the handling...

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