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  • Drive

    A drive is an electronic device used to regulate the performance of an electric motor. It works by controlling...

  • Dry bulk cargo, solid bulk cargo

    Iron ore, phosphate, coal, grain, sugar etc.

  • Dry bulk shipping

    Dry bulk shipping refers to the movement of significant commodities carried in bulk: – the so-called major bulks...

  • Dry burnable waste

    Waste which consists mainly of paper, plastic, wood, fabrics and flowers.

  • Dry cargo

    Cargo other than liquid carried in bulk.

  • Dry cargo ship

    Vessel which carries all merchandise, excluding liquid in bulk.

  • Dry chemical powder

    A flame inhibiting powder used in fire fighting.

  • Dry film thickness (DFT)

    Thickness of the paint film after drying or curing. IMO Resolution MSC.(215)82 defines DFT measurements.

  • Drying

    The type of environmental control, similar to inerting but the nitrogen must be moisture-free.

  • Dual activity drilling system

    The dual system is capable of drilling two complete wells at the same time. In practice, in an exploration situation...


    Dual-fuel engine is the diesel engine that can run on both gaseous and liquid fuels. When running in gas mode...

  • Dual-fuel LNG tanker CORAL ENERGY

    According to HANSA International Maritime Journal – 02/2013 Delivered in 2013, the 15,600m3 capacity LNG carrier...

  • Ductility

    The ability of a material to undergo permanent change in shape without rupture or loss of strength.

  • Dumb panel

    The non-wheeled panel in a stacking hatch cover system.

  • Dunnage

    Timber boards which are laid under cargo parcels to keep the surface of the cargo off steel deck plate. Its purpose...

  • Dust

    Loose particle matter present on a surface prepared for painting, arising from blastcleaning or other surface preparation...

  • Duty engineer

    The engineer responsible for machinery and equipment operation during unattended machinery space operation.

  • Dye penetrant

    A liquid penetrant used to obtain an outline of fractures within the metal surface. To perform the test, a thin...

  • Dye penetrant testing

    A non-destructive test applied to metal items to detect surface cracks. A penetrant liquid is applied and is then...

  • Dynamic load

    A load that produces significant acceleration of a body.

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