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  • Charter party

    A written contract between the owner of a vessel and the person desiring to employ the vessel (charterer), setting...

  • Charterer

    Cargo owner or another person/company who hires a ship for a particular voyage or a period of time.

  • Chartering

    To hire a ship to carry goods/cargo.

  • Chartering agent

    A shipbroker acting on behalf of charterer in negotiations about the chartering of a ship.

  • Check valve

    A valve which permits the flow of liquid in only one direction, i.e. a non-return valve.

  • Checkered plate

    A plate used as floor, marked with raised diamond checkers or squares to provide good footing.

  • Chemical curing paints

    Paints contain two components: the base and the hardener. Curing is obtained by mixing the base and hardener in...

  • Chemical tanker BOW SUN

    According to Significant Ships of 2003 The BOW SUN, delivered by New Szczecin Shipyard in 2003, is one of the...


    Chemical tankers are cargo ships constructed or adapted and used for the carriage of any liquid chemicals in bulk.

  • Chemicals

    Substances derived from petroleum or coal, caustics, acids, or products of polymerization.

  • Cherry picker

    Equipment fitted with a hydraulic arm to enable inspectors and workers to approach inaccessible areas of a structure.

  • Chief Engineer

    The senior engineer officer responsible for the satisfactory operation and maintenance of the main and auxiliary...

  • Chief Mate, Chief Officer

    The officer in the deck department next in rank to the Master. The chief mate takes over the position of the Master...

  • Chine

    A sharp edged bend in a ship hull plating.

  • Chlorinated rubber

    High molecular weight polymer which is used as a binder in some physically drying paints.

  • Chock

    A guide for a mooring line, or steel towing wire which enables the line to pass through a ship bulwark or other...

  • Chocks

    One of several pieces of metal precisely fitted between machinery units and their foundations to ensure alignment...

  • Christmas tree

    1. A set of Suez Canal lights on the rear mast. They look as lights on the Christmas tree.

  • CIF

    Cost, Insurance, Freight. CIF designates the cargo is to be carried free of charge for the buyer; the seller pays...

  • Circuit

    A combination of electrical devices and conductors which, when connected together in a closed path, perform a particular...

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