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  • Certificates for masters, officers or ratings

    Certificates issued by a National Authority following passed examination; a specified period of sea service and...

  • Certified person

    A person who holds a certificate of proficiency in survival craft.

  • Cetane number

    A figure used to indicate the ignition quality of a fuel. The higher the cetane number, the shorter the time between...

  • Chafe chain, chafing chain

    A chain at the end of a towing line or Single Point Mooring hawser, normally guided through a chock at the edge...

  • Chafing

    The action of being fretted and worn by rubbing; applies to ropes, parts of the ship's structure, cargo and so...

  • Chafing plate

    A piece of plating fitted on such parts of the hull that are subjected to rapid wear by chafing.

  • Chain

    Connected metal rings or links used for holding anchor, fastening timber cargoes, etc.

  • Chain drive

    The use of a chain to drive the camshaft. A sprocket wheel is fitted to the crankshaft and the camshaft and an...

  • Chain locker

    A compartment located under the windlass where the anchor chains are stowed. It is usually subdivided inside by...

  • Chain pipe

    A heavy pipe fitted directly under the windlass to lead the anchor chain to the chain locker.

  • Chain stopper, cable stopper

    A fitting used to secure the anchor chain when riding at anchor, thereby relieving the strain on the windlass...

  • Chalking

    The formation of a sandy, powdery layer on the surface of a paint film caused by disintegration of one or more...

  • Change of Ownership (marine insurance)

    When a vessel changes ownership or Management, the policy on the ship is cancelled automatically in practice unless...

  • Channel bar

    A rolled bar with a U-shaped cross section.

  • Charge air

    A quantity of fresh air supplied to a diesel engine cylinder prior to compression.

  • Charging

    Filling of the engine cylinder with a charge of fresh air ready for compression.

  • Chart

    1. A paper sheet or surface with a permanent record done by a recording instrument.

  • Chart area

    Part of the wheelhouse situated and equipped for adequate performance of voyage planning/plotting activities.

  • Chart room

    A separate room or part of the wheelhouse where charts are stored; also used for navigation.

  • Chart table/documentation workstation

    Workstation where voyages are planned; in case of lack or failure of the automatic visual position indicator, it...

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