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  • Cascade protection

    The application of protective devices in which the device nearest to the source of power has short circuit ratings...

  • Cascade Regasification System

    In this system, LNG is heated by propane in a closed loop and the propane is heated by seawater.

  • Casing

    1. The covering or bulkheads enclosing portion of vessel, for example, the boiler and/or engine room casing.

  • Cassette

    A wheelless steel platform used to transport paper reels on ro-ro forest products. Terminal tractors use lift-trailers...

  • Cassette carrier

    A ro-ro vessel designed to transport cassettes. The cassettes are put onto the vessel using terminal tractors with...

  • Cast iron

    Iron with the carbon content of 1.8 to 4.5%. White cast iron is hard and brittle. Grey cast iron is softer, machinable...

  • Casting

    The pouring of molten metal into a mould of the desired shape.

  • Casualty

    Case of death or serious injury to a person in an accident or shipping disaster, also used about a distressed vessel.

  • Catamaran

    A vessel with two hulls and a deck structure between them.

  • Catamaran fast ferry FRANCISCO

    The world’s fastest ferry FRANCISCO was delivered in 2013 to the Argentinean owner Buquebus from the Australian...

  • Catastrophic release

    Term used in the offshore industry for a major hydrocarbon release that results from uncontrolled developments...

  • Catenary

    The curve produced by a uniform, flexible wire or chain when suspended by its ends. Anchor chains from a buoy or...

  • Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring

    The single point mooring system. A catenary anchor leg mooring system consists of a large buoy anchored by catenary...

  • Catering outfit of the ro-ro passenger ferry RODIN

    SeaFrance ro-ro passenger ferry RODIN has become the largest and fastest ferry to operate on the Dover-Calais route.

  • Cathelco anti-fouling system

    The anti-fouling system based on the electrolytic principle. It consists of copper and aluminium anodes which are...

  • Cathode

    The negatively charged metal surface and the non-corroding or protected part of an electrochemical corrosion cell.

  • Cathodic protection

    Cathodic protection is a system of preventing corrosion by forcing all surfaces of a structure (e.g. hull) to be...

  • Catwalk, walkway

    A narrow, raised platform or pathway used for passage to otherwise inaccessible areas on a ship permitting fore...

  • Caulking

    Plastic deformation of weld and base metal surfaces by mechanical means to seal or obscure discontuities.

  • Cavitation

    Bernoulli’s law indicates that the higher the velocities of water particles, the lower the pressure in that same...

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