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  • Cargo access/transfer system

    Cargo access equipment such as stern ramps, side ports, bow doors, etc. See also Ro-ro cargo handling gear.

  • Cargo area

    The part of the ship that contains cargo holds, cargo tanks, slop tanks and cargo pump-rooms including pump rooms...

  • Cargo containment system of gas carrier

    The arrangement for containment of cargo including, where fitted, a primary andsecondary barrier, associated insulation...

  • Cargo control room

    A space used for the control of cargo handling operations.

  • Cargo cranes

    Shipboard cranes of various types and capacities are still required for multi-purpose cargo vessels, geared bulk...

  • Cargo handling equipment

    Equipment used for loading/discharging operations: e.g. cargo cranes, side-loading system with conveyors, sideshifters...

  • Cargo handling equipment of a typical 138,000m3 LNG tanker

    The ship has four membrane type cargo tanks. A tripod mast is built inside each tank with the filling line and...

  • Cargo handling equipment on a VLGC

    A Very Large Gas Carrier has normally the capacity to load about 80,000m3 of LPG. In order for the gas carrier...

  • Cargo handling spaces

    Pump rooms and other enclosed spaces which contain cargo handling equipment and similar spaces for cargo handling.

  • Cargo hatch

    A general term applied to any deck opening leading to the cargo holds.

  • Cargo list

    A record of the goods accepted for loading on one vessel.

  • Cargo Manifest

    A manifest that lists all cargo carried during vessel voyage.

  • Cargo manifold

    The terminal point of the tanker deck piping. It consists of a number of pipes. Eeach of them branches off into...

  • Cargo monitoring

    Monitoring of liquid cargo includes level gauging, temperature monitoring, and pressure measurement.

  • Cargo Plan, Stowage Plan

    A plan showing the distribution of all cargo parcels stored on board of a vessel for a voyage. Each entry on the...

  • Cargo port, side port

    An opening in the ship side provided for loading or discharging cargo in tween-decks.

  • Cargo pumping system of the 22,000dwt product tanker CHEMBULK SAVANNAH

    The cargo pumping system includes 24 Wärtsilä Svanehoj cargo pumps, driven by electric motors under frequency converter...

  • Cargo pump-room

    A space housing pumps and their accessories for the handling of the products covered by IBC Code.

  • Cargo rails

    Usually long and narrow enclosed spaces on PS and SB of an offshore vessel’s open cargo deck.

  • Cargo residues

    Remains of any cargo on board that cannot be placed in proper cargo holds (loading excess and spillage) or which...

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