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  • Cross-joint drain channel

    A drain or gutter fitted to the cross-joint, which directs any leaked water to the coaming drain.

  • Crown block

    The stationary sheaves mounted at the top of the drilling derrick. The wire ropes attached to the travelling block...

  • CRP-Azipod propulsion of the ferries AKASHIA and HAMANASU

    According to Significant Ships of 2004 The ferries AKASHIA and HAMANASU built by Nagasaki Shipyard (MHI) are the...

  • Crude oil

    Any liquid hydrocarbon mixture occurring naturally in the earth. Properties of crude oil vary considerably depending...

  • Crude oil tanker

    An oil tanker engaged in the trade of carrying crude oil.

  • Crude oil washers

    see washing machines.

  • Crude oil washing (COW)

    A method of cargo tank washing wherein the oil itself is used as the solvent to speed the removal of the residues...

  • Cruise ferry COLOR FANTASY

    According to HANSA 1/2005 The COLOR FANTASY worth over 300 million EUR gave about 1200 man-years of work for Aker...

  • Cruise liner, cruise vessel

    A luxury passenger ship designed to provide holidays afloat. Cruise liners are now basically designed as a hotel...

  • Cruiser stern

    A fully radiused stern construction.

  • CSS Code

    Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing.

  • Cumulative damage

    All damage due to various physical causes, specifically applied to fatigue under various stress ranges and frequencies.

  • Curing

    The hardening of liquid paint by a chemical reaction or by blending a cross-linking agent or hardener.

  • Curing time

    Minimum time needed for the paint to achieve its properties and mechanical characteristics.

  • Current

    The flow of electricity through conductor. The unit of measurement is the ampere.

  • Curve of minimum operational metacentric height GM

    During ship design stage many calculations are made in order to define minimummetacentric height GMMIN values...

  • Curve of resistance

    A curve showing the resistance of a ship or its model to towing as obtained by experiments in a model basin. The...

  • Curve of righting arm GZ, curve of statical stability

    The plot of the righting arm GZ calculated as function of the heel angle at constant displacement and vertical...

  • Curve of sectional areas

    A curve whose ordinates are areas of cross sections up to a given waterline corresponding to each point in the...

  • Curve of the maximum allowable vertical centre of gravity KG

    According to SOLAS, the Master of the ship shall be supplied with reliable information to enable him assessment...

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