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  • Crankshaft

    A shaft turned by cranks which changes reciprocating motion into circular motion as in internal combustion engines.

  • Crankshaft deflection measurement

    A measurement done by a dial indicator placed at a predefined location between crank webs. The crankshaft is then...

  • Crankshaft deflections

    Change in distance between crank webs, measured during one rotation of the crankshaft. Crankshaft deflections are...

  • Crash stop

    An emergency manoeuvre of full astern stopping of a ship to avoid a collision.

  • Crater

    A depression in the weld face at the termination of a weld bed.

  • Crew

    The personnel employed on board ship, except for the captain and officers and the passengers.

  • Crew list

    List prepared by the captain showing full names, nationality, passport or discharge book number, rank and age of...

  • Crew negligence

    A legal term denoting that damage or an accident is attributable to the ship crew.

  • Crew/supply vessel, crew tender

    A high-speed boat designed for crew transfer and supply work.

  • Crewboat

    Usually fast aluminium craft powered by high-speed diesels, ferrying of crews and light supplies between the shore...

  • Critical load

    The load that brings about a change in behaviour of a structure, such as buckling, yielding, fatigue etc.

  • Critical structural areas

    Locations which have been identified from calculations to require monitoring or from the service history of the...

  • Critical temperature

    A temperature above which a specific gas can no longer be liquefied.

  • Cross curves of stability

    Cross curves of stability is a set of curves from which the KN values for a set of constant heel-angle values at...

  • Cross deck

    The area between cargo hatches.

  • Cross ties

    Horizontal stiffening structures that are fitted in the wing tanks of oil tankers between the side shell and the...

  • Cross-flooding

    Opening a connection between the damaged tank and the tank situated symmetrically on the other side of the ship...

  • Cross-flooding arrangement

    An arrangement, which enables to decrease the angle of heel after flooding: when a compartment on one side of a...

  • Crosshead

    A reciprocating block which usually slides in guides and is the connecting point for piston rod (see photo) and...

  • Cross-joint bolts

    Bolts fitted to keep the cross-joint fully closed at sea.

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