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  • Corrugated

    Having a series of arranged wrinkles or grooves to produce stiffness with a reduction in weight.

  • Cosalt Personnel Recovery Device (PRD)

    A new safety equipment for man overboard retrieval situations. The device allows for both conscious and unconscious...

  • Coselle CNG System

    The Coselle CNG System has been developed in cooperation with ABS and DNV to transport compressed natural gas...

  • Course

    The intended direction of vessel movement.

  • Cowl

    The shaped top of a natural ventilation trunk, which may be rotated to draw air into or out of the ventilated space.

  • Coxswain

    The person who is in charge of a boat, the rating who steers the boat.

  • Crack

    A fracture without complete separation characterized by a sharp tip and high ratio of length and width to opening...

  • Crack arrester

    A band of tough steel applied as part of the hull structure to prevent a fracture from spreading.

  • Cracking

    1. A general term for the conversion process, which produces lighter oils from heavy oils. The main types are thermal...

  • Cradle

    1. A form on which bows, etc., are assembled. 2. A lifting base manufactured usually in wood or steel used to...

  • Crane characteristics

    Parameters such as lifting capacity, max. working radius, min. working radius, hoisting speed, luffing time, slewing...

  • Crane ships

    Crane ships can be subdivided into two main categories: - Large specialized ships and barges equipped with huge...

  • Crane vessel OLEG STRASHNOV

    The heavy lift vessel OLEG STRASHNOV was delivered by IHC Krimpen Shipyard in 2010. It has been designed by Gusto...

  • Cranes

    Hoisting devices used for cargo handling and other operations. Cranes are required to hoist, luff and slew. Separate...

  • Crank

    An arm or link connected to a shaft for transferring the motion.

  • Crank throw

    The radial distance from the centre line of a crankshaft to the centre of a crankpin. It is equal to half of the...

  • Crankcase

    The casing which houses the crankshaft and the lower end of the connecting rod.

  • Crankcase explosion

    A crankcase explosion is caused by ignition of oil mist, itself created by the presence of a hot spot, which led...

  • Crankcase explosion relief valve

    The crankcase relief valves have two crucial functions: they relieve crankcase pressure and prevent flames from...

  • Crankpin

    The pin fitted between the webs of a crankshaft. The big end of the connecting rod is attached to it.

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