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  • Combustible gas indicator

    An instrument for measuring the contents of hydrocarbon gas/air mixtures, usually showing the result as a percentage...

  • Combustible, flammable, inflammable

    Capable of being ignited easily and burnt.

  • Combustion Air Saturation System (CASS)

    NOx suppression technique developed by Wärtsilä, whereby combustion air is humidified before entering the engine...

  • Commanding view

    View without obstructions which would interfere with the navigator ability to perform all immediate tasks.

  • Comminuters

    Ships operating primarily beyond 3 nautical miles from the nearest land are encouraged to install and use comminuters...

  • Commodity

    Article shipped. For dangerous and hazardous cargo, the correct commodity identification is critical.

  • Common-rail injection system

    A fuel supply system in which two or more high-pressure pumps supply a common manifold or rail. Timing valves determine...

  • Communication workstation

    Workstation for operation and control of the equipment for distress/safety communication and public correspondence...

  • Commutation

    The switching action which transfers the current from one arm of a bridge to the next one, that is to conduct.

  • Compactor

    A machine used onboard to reduce the volume of garbage produced on a ship by compacting it under pressure. Compactors...

  • Companionway

    An access hatchway in a deck, with a ladder leading down, generally for the crew.

  • Company

    The owner of the ship or any other organization or person such as the manager, or the bareboat charterer, who has...

  • Company Security Officer (CSO)

    The company official from the ship operator who will be responsible for developing, maintaining and enforcing the...

  • Compartment

    An internal space separated by bulkheads or plating.

  • Compartmentation

    The subdividing of the hull by transverse watertight bulkheads so that the ship may remain afloat under some conditions...

  • Compass

    An instrument using either a magnet or a gyroscope for steering or taking navigational bearings.

  • Compass adjustment

    The process of placing magnets and iron masses so as to neutralize the effect of magnetism existing or induced...

  • Compatibility of goods

    Indicates whether different goods can be safely stowed together in one cargo space or in adjacent holds.

  • Complement

    The number of officers and crew employed upon a vessel for its safe navigation and operation.

  • Complete fusion, complete joint penetration, complete penetration

    A joint root condition in a groove weld in which weld metal extends through the joint thickness.

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