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  • Coalescence

    The process of combining of small oil droplets into drops which will separate under gravity.

  • Coalescer

    A device containing a material with the surface promoting coalescence.

  • Coaming

    A protrusion formed around an opening. Its purpose is to prevent water from running into an opening or to compensate...

  • Coaming top water channel

    The peripheral drain for any water which may ingress through the seal.

  • Coastal tanker ASPERITY

    According to The Motor Ship June 1997 The double-hulled coastal tanker ASPERITY was built by Singmarine Dockyard...

  • Coastal waters

    Navigation area along the coast where freedom of course-setting to one side of the course line may be restricted...

  • Coaster

    Usually a small multi-purpose cargo ship used for short sea transport. Low-airdraught is often required in order...

  • Coastguard vessel

    A ship that can monitor, patrol and protect coastal waters and also can carry out pollution control, salvage and...

  • Coastguard vessel K/V TURVA

    Built in 2014 at STX Rauma Shipyard the coastguard vessel TURVA is 95.9m long and 17.4m wide, making her the largest...

  • Coat

    The paint applied to a surface in a single application to form a properly distributed film when dry. Each paint...

  • Coating conditions

    GOOD – The condition with only minor spot rusting as defined in resolution A.744(18).

  • Coating evaluation criteria

    An assessment of the extent of damage registered in terms of coating breakdown area and/or rust scales in % of...

  • Coating specification

    The specification of coating systems which includes the type of coating system, steel preparation, surface preparation...

  • Coating, painting

    Protective film of thickness usually about 0.2-0.5mm, applied on steel surfaces to protect them from corrosion.

  • Cock

    A valve arrangement where the liquid flows through a hole in a central plug.


    see Combined diesel-electric and gas turbine (CODAG) propulsion.

  • CODAG propulsion system of CORAL PRINCESS

    The CORAL PRINCESS built in 2002 at Chantier de l’Atlantique is P&O first CODAG cruise liner.

  • Code of Container Position

    Position of container on board a ship is defined by three numbers: bay number, row number and tier number.

  • Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargo (BC Code)

    The Code first adopted by IMO in 1965 and updated regularly since then by the Subcommittee on Containers & Cargoes...


    see Combined diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical (CODED) propulsion.

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