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  • Clench pin

    A pin that secures the final link of the anchor chain to the ship structure within the chain locker. Removal of...

  • Climate research vessel MARIA S. MERIAN with podded propulsion drives

    One of the world’s most advanced oceanic research ships was christened the “MARIA S. MERIAN” on 26 July 2005, honoring...

  • Clingage

    Oil remaining on pipe walls or on the internal surfaces of tanks after the bulk of the oil has been removed.

  • Clogging indicator

    A display unit fitted to a filter to indicate the condition or degree of cleanliness.

  • Closed drains

    Hard-piped drains from process components, such as pressure vessels, piping, liquid relief valves, etc., to a closed...

  • Closed Overflow System

    A system constructed and equipped so that during fuel oil bunkering the allowable design pressure of the storage...

  • Closed vehicle spaces

    Vehicle spaces, which are neither open vehicle spaces nor weather decks, (SOLAS).

  • Closest point of approach (CPA)

    The shortest target vessel – own vessel calculated distance that will occur in case of no change in course and...

  • Close-up survey

    A survey where the details of structural components are within the close visual inspection range of the surveyor...

  • Closing appliance

    Any cover or other item functioning as a cover for an opening in the shell, deck or bulkhead.

  • Cloud point

    A temperature at which waxes will form in the fuel, pipe or filter blocking may occur.

  • Clutch

    A device to connect, or disconnect a driving unit to the unit it drives.

  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) carrier

    New concept of fully-pressurized gas carrier fitted with steel pipes used as pressure vessels. Different from the...

  • CNG concept

    The cost of liquefaction and associated facilities makes the exploitation of smaller reserves a costly affair...

  • CO2 extinguishing system

    see Carbon dioxide (CO2) flooding system.

  • CO2 room

    A fully-separated space designed and equipped for the storage of CO2 cylinders. CO2room shall be located aft off...

  • CO2 welding

    A non-standard term for gas metal arc welding with carbon dioxide shielding gas.

  • Coal

    Coal stows at 1.2-1.4 m3/t. It is handled with conveyors and grabs.

  • Coal tar epoxy

    A combination of epoxy resins and tar, which if applied to paints gives a water resistant film. A curing agent...

  • Coal tar pitch

    A brittle, lustrous bituminous coal, also known as bituminous lignite.

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