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  • Breadth of the ship

    Depending on the purpose, the following definitions of breadth (B) are used: 1. The maximum breadth of the ship...

  • Break-bulk cargo

    Loose cargo, such as cartons, drums, bags etc., stowed directly in the ship holds contrary to unitised, containerized...

  • Breakwater

    A vertical bulwark-like structure on a forecastle deck intended to deflect and disperse head seas shipped over...

  • Breast hook

    A triangular plate bracket joining structural members of the port and starboard sides at the stem.

  • Breathing air cylinder

    Each cylinder is to contain not less than 1200 litres of fresh air. Every set of self-contained breathing apparatus...

  • Breathing apparatus

    Equipment that enables a person to get a supply of oxygen in an environment where little or no air exists, e.g...

  • Bridge

    1. That area from which the navigation and ship control is exercised, including thewheelhouse and bridge wings.

  • Bridge deck

    Deck on which the wheelhouse is located.

  • Bridge visibility

    Risk of collision has always accompanied marine transport. Despite improved navigating equipment, this risk is...

  • Bridge wing workstation

    Workstation from which the ship can be steered and operated during unmooring and mooring, lock passage, taking...

  • Bridge wings

    Those parts of the bridge on both sides of the ship wheelhouse that, in general, extend to the ship side.

  • Bridge-to-bridge communication

    Safety communication between ships from the position from which the ships are normally navigated (SOLAS).

  • Briefing

    Concise explanatory information to crew and passengers.

  • Brine

    1. A term given to secondary coolants which are water solutions of calcium chloride, sodium chloride and magnesium...

  • Brittle fracture

    A brittle fracture is when a crack suddenly propagates extremely rapidly, even at low stress level and can result...

  • Broaching-to phenomenon

    Large following waves acting on the ship can force her to move with the same speed – the ship begins to move with...

  • Broken stowage

    Broken stowage is lost cargo space in the holds of a vessel due to the contour of the hull and/or the shape of...

  • Broker

    Person who acts as an agent or intermediary in contract negotiations.

  • Brokerage (marine insurance)

    Commission that the broker is permitted to deduct from the gross premium before passing it to the insurer.

  • Bronze

    An alloy of copper and tin of superior corrosion and wear resistance properties to brass.

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