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  • Blast

    A sound signal made with the whistle of the vessel. - Prolonged blast – A blast lasting four up to six seconds...

  • Blast-cleaning standards

    see Surface preparation grades.

  • Blast-cleaning, shot-blasting

    The cleaning of a metal surface by a stream of abrasive particles (blasting agents). See also Abrasive blasting.

  • Blasting agents

    Copper works slag (MCU), fused corundum (MKE) as well as iron or steel blasting agents can be considered. The use...

  • BLASTOMATIC system

    The method of electrolytic descaling developed by Wilson Taylor. The method consists of current distribution points...

  • Bleeder

    A small cock, valve, or plug to drain off small quantities of fluids from a container or a system.

  • Blended fuel oil

    Heavy fuel and distillate fuels mixed in various proportions, usually 70:30.

  • Blind sectors

    Areas that cannot be scanned by the radar of the vessel because they are shielded by elements of its superstructure...

  • Blister

    A raised area, often dome shaped, resulting from loss of adhesion between a coating or deposit and the substrate.

  • Blistering

    The formation of blisters in a paint film by localised loss of adhesion and lifting of the film. Blisters may contain...

  • Block loading

    Bulk carrier loading arrangement with two consecutive holds loaded and a subsequent one empty.

  • Blow-down of boiler

    Opening blow-down cocks at the bottom of the boiler to reduce the amount of dissolved solids in the boiler water.

  • Blower

    A machine that delivers air at the discharge pressure up to 40 pig. Blowers are used to supply relatively large...

  • Boarding arrangements, boarding facilities

    All gear, such as pilot ladders, accommodation ladders, mechanical hoists, gangways,ramps, shell doors, etc., necessary...

  • Boarding speed

    The speed of a vessel adjusted to that of a pilot boat at which the pilot can safely embark.

  • Boat chock

    A cradle or support for a lifeboat.

  • Boat fall, boat tackle fall, davit fall

    The ropes by which ship boats are lowered or hoisted.

  • Boat winch

    An electric winch for handling a lifeboat.

  • Boatswain, bosun

    The highest unlicensed rating in the deck department who is in direct charge of all deck hands and who in turn...

  • Body plan

    A drawing that shows frame lines in elevation. Frame lines forward of the midship section are shown on the right...

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