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  • Bending load

    An external load that produces bending stresses within a body.

  • Bending moment

    The result of vertical forces acting on a ship as a result of local differences between weight and buoyancy. The...

  • Berth

    1. A place assigned to a vessel when anchored or lying alongside a pier, etc. 2. A bunk or bed.

  • Berth (to)

    To bring a ship into a berth or arrive at a berth.

  • Berthing

    Approaching and securing a vessel in a harbour, along a quayside (berth).

  • Bevel

    The angle between the flanges of a frame or other member.

  • Big end

    The larger end of a connecting rod, i.e. where it joins the crankpin of the crankshaft.

  • Bight

    A loop formed by doubling back a rope upon itself.

  • Bilge

    1. The intersection of bottom and side. 2. The lower parts of holds and machinery spaces where bilge water may...

  • Bilge alarm, 15 ppm bilge alarm

    Regulation 16(5) of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 stipulates that the oil content of the effluent from oily water separator...

  • Bilge blocks

    Supporting blocks used under the bilge for support during the vessel construction or dry-docking.

  • Bilge keels

    Fixed longitudinal plates fitted at the turn of the bilge so that their drag dampens roll amplitudes.

  • Bilge main, main bilge line

    Part of the bilge system between the bilge pump and the bilge suction chest. Cofferdams, duct keels and tunnels...

  • Bilge piping

    The piping used for drain the bilge wells.

  • Bilge plating

    The area of curved plating between the bottom shell and side shell.

  • Bilge pumps

    Pumps used for draining the ship various compartments. In passenger ships, the bilge pumps are to be located in...

  • Bilge radius

    The radius of the plating joining the side shell to the bottom shell. It is measured at midships.

  • Bilge strake

    The strake at the turn of bilge extending outward to a point where the side rises vertically.

  • Bilge suctions

    Drain pipes placed on each side at the after end of the holds or compartments. The suction end is fitted with a...

  • Bilge system

    A piping system intended for disposing of water that may accumulate in spaces within the vessel (holds, machinery...

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