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  • Battening device

    A device fitted between a hatch cover panel and the coaming which forces the cross joint together.

  • Battens

    Members protruding from the inside walls of a vessel hold or a (thermal) container to keep away the cargo from...

  • Bauxite

    The raw material for the manufacturing of aluminium; it stows at 0.7-1.1 m3/t.

  • Bay

    1. A vertical division of a vessel from stem to stern, used as a part of the indication of a stowage place for...

  • BC Code

    see Code of safe practice for solid bulk cargo (BC Code).

  • Bcf

    Billion cubic feet, a unit measurement for large volumes of gas. 1 Bcf is approximately 28.32 million m3.

  • Beacon

    A conspicuous mark used as a guide to mariners, either a landmark, erected on an eminence near the shore, or a...

  • Beam

    1. A prismatic section with one dimension significantly larger than the others, that is subjected to bending loads.

  • Bearing

    A common item in any mechanical system where two parts move relative to one another. A bearing enables the transfer...

  • Bearing pads

    Support pads installed on the hatch coaming in order to transfer the weight of the cover, and any cargo it may...

  • Beaufort scale

    A numerical scale rating winds according to ascending velocity, devised in 1805 by Commodore Francis Beaufort...

  • Bedplate

    A structure which forms the base of an engine upon which the bearings and frame are mounted.

  • Before breaking bulk

    An expression which actually means “before starting discharging of cargo”.

  • Bell

    A bell used aboard ship as a means of announcing time at regular intervals, as a signal when the ship is anchored...

  • Bell crank

    A hydraulically-operated mechanism which folds the second pair of covers in a four-panel folding hatch cover.

  • Bellows

    A thin metal cylinder with corrugated walls to permit reasonable deflection under applied pressure.

  • Bellows unit, bellows expansion joint

    Bellows-type expansion piece which is fitted into a pipeline to allow expansion and contraction resulting from...

  • Belt unloading system

    The discharge system used on self-unloading bulk carriers.

  • Belt-type self-discharging bulk carrier

    Bulk carrier equipped with a belt unloading system.

  • Bend test

    A test to measure the ductility of a metal sample by folding it over a specified radius. No cracking or other defects...

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