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  • Ballast Water Management Plan

    Ships of 400 gross tonnes and above are required to have on board and implement a Ballast Water Management Plan...

  • Ballast water performance standard D2

    Ships conducting ballast water management must discharge fewer than 10 viable organisms per cubic metre that are...

  • Ballast water treatment

    Any method to kill, remove or render infertile, harmful or potentially harmful organisms within ballast water.

  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS)

    Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) is a system designed to remove and destroy/inactive biological organisms...

  • Ballasting

    The procedure during which seawater ballast is introduced in specific tanks to achieve a desired stability, draught...

  • Balljoint connection over the bow

    A special link between a floating pipeline and hopper dredger.

  • Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO)

    A commercial shipping trade organisation headquartered in Copenhagen. BIMCO is one of the largest international...

  • Bar

    A unit of pressure equal to 100 000 Pascal (14.5 PSIG).

  • Bare boat charter

    A charter in which the bare ship is chartered without crew. The charterer for a stipulated sum takes over the vessel...

  • Barge

    A flat-bottomed craft of full body, applied for the transportation of bulky freight such as coal or lumber, sand...

  • Barge aboard catamaran

    A way of loading cargo into large barges and then in turn loading the barges into a ship.

  • Barge carriers

    Ships designed to carry either barges or containers exclusively, or some variable number of barges and containers...

  • Barnacle

    A small, primitive sea animal with a calcareous shell which in its adult form lives attached to some alien object...

  • Barometer

    An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure.

  • Barred speed range of the diesel engine

    Engine speeds that create harmful torsional vibration. The operation within the barred range is to be avoided.

  • Barrel

    Measure of oil. There are 7.1 barrels of oil in one ton. Each barrel is approximately 159 litres.

  • Base line

    A horizontal line drawn along the top edge of the keel from midships.

  • Base number (BN)

    Measure of a lubricant’s reserve alkalinity. It is measured in milligrams of potassium hydroxide per gram (mg KOH/g).

  • Basic design, initial design

    That part of the overall ship design process, which commences with design concept and terminates when there is...

  • Batch

    A collection of products or data, treated as one entity with respect to certain operations e.g. processing and...

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