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  • Bunker (to)

    To load fuel into ship's fuel tanks for its own use as distinguished from loading it as cargo.

  • Bunker Delivery Note (BDN)

    The standard document required by Annex VI of MARPOL which contains information on fuel oil delivery: name of receiving...

  • Bunker stations

    Fuel receiving stations, usually at an upper deck level, port and starboard, furnished with valves, elbows, pressure...

  • Bunkering clause

    A time charter agreement will stipulate the terms under which the bunkers on board will be delivered to the use...

  • Bunkering vessel

    A small tanker fitted with fuel pumps and a crane for hose handling, used for loading fuel oils into ship tanks.

  • Buoy

    A floating object used as an aid to mariners to mark the navigable limits of channels, their fairways, sunken dangers...

  • Buoy gallows

    Frames mounted on the cable vessel side to deploy and recover cable buoys.

  • Buoy handling crane

    A special crane used onboard of aids to navigation service vessels. A buoy-handling crane has a jib with fork-type...

  • Buoy tender operations

    The ship is equipped with a working crane designed for handling buoys and salvaging containers. It has two lifting...

  • Buoy tender, buoy-layer, buoy laying vessel

    The ship designed for handling navigation buoys and beacons, usually fitted with a deck crane and a spacious working...

  • Buoyancy

    The hydrostatic force acting vertically upward on the floating vessel, equal to the weight of water displaced by...

  • Burner

    An atomizer used in a boiler.

  • Bus bar

    Copper bars fitted at the back of the main switchboard as part of the distribution system. A.C. generators fed...

  • Butt weld

    A weld between the edges of two metal plates, which meet but do not overlap.

  • Butt, butt joint

    The end joint between two plates or other members which meet end to end. Typically a butt joint is used to describe...

  • Butterfly valve

    A rotary stem valve with a centrally-hinged disc of the same dimension as the pipeline. The valve opens into the...

  • Buttocks

    Lines obtained by cutting the hull surface with longitudinal planes parallel to the ship’s centre line.

  • BWM Convention

    see International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention).

  • By-pass

    Any arrangement to control and turn away a fluid from its main flow path.

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