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  • BSI Container Specification

    British Standards Institution Specification for freight containers.

  • Bubble point

    The temperature and pressure where a liquid starts to vaporize.

  • Bubbling

    A film defect, temporary or permanent, in which bubbles of air or solvent vapour, or both, are present.

  • Bucket wheel discharge system

    The hopper unloading system on self-discharging dredgers. The self-discharging dredger SAND FALCON is provided...

  • Buckler

    A portable cover secured over deck opening of the hawsepipe and the chain pipes to restrict the flow of water through...

  • Buckling

    A deformation of certain parts of ship, s structure: a bulge bend or other condition of the structure caused by...

  • Buckling load

    The load necessary to cause buckling instability of a particular structure.

  • Buckling mode

    The deformed shape of a particular structure that is adopted following imposition of an external (compressive...

  • Building sites

    A slipway, a dry dock, or a ground level assembly area where the ship is completed for launching.

  • Bulb profile

    A stiffener utilising an increase in steel mass on the outer end of the web instead of a separate flange.

  • Bulk cargo

    Cargo which is brought aboard unpacked and has flowing, pumping or pouring properties. The most common bulk cargoes...

  • Bulk carrier EYLUL K

    According to Significant Ships of 2006 EYLUL K is the double hull 20,000dwt Turkish bulk carrier designed by Delta...

  • Bulk carrier, bulker

    A vessel designed to carry dry cargo, loaded into the vessel with no containment other than that of the ship, s...

  • Bulk container

    A container designed for carrying free-flowing dry cargoes loaded through hatchways in the roof of the container...

  • Bulkhead deck

    The uppermost deck up to which the transverse watertight bulkheads and shell are carried.

  • Bulkhead doors

    Access doors or flood prevention doors. A wide variety of designs and configurations are available: side-hinged...

  • Bulkheads

    Vertical partition walls which subdivide the ship interior into watertight compartments. Bulkheads reduce the extent...

  • Bulwark

    Fore-and-aft vertical plating directly above the upper edge of the ship side surrounding the exposed deck(s).

  • Bunk

    A berth, or bed, usually built in.

  • Bunker

    1. Fuel oil for the main propulsion machinery. 2. A compartment for the storage of fuel oil used by the ship’s...

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