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  • Aluminium

    A light metal of a good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It is used as the base metal for light alloys.

  • Aluminium alloys

    Aluminium alloyed with materials such as copper, manganese, silicon or magnesium, to improve their strength.

  • Aluminium brass

    Brass containing up to 6% aluminium in order to improve resistance to corrosion.

  • Aluminium bronze

    A copper aluminium alloy containing 4-11% of aluminium and other elements for particular properties. It is used...

  • Ambient conditions

    Parameters such as barometric pressure, engine room and seawater temperatures and relative humidity to be taken...

  • Ambient environment

    Environmental conditions that the crew is exposed to during periods of work, leisure or rest.

  • Amidships

    1. A nautical term, which refers to the longitudinal centerline of a ship. 2. In ship construction amidships is...

  • Ammeter

    An indicating instrument used to measure electrical current flow.

  • Ammonia

    Noxious, pungent gas, extremely soluble in water and alcohol. It is used as a refrigerant. Further Ammonia is used...

  • Ammonia slip

    Amount of unreacted ammonia emitted from a control equipment such as electrostatic precipitator, selective catalytic...

  • Ampere

    A standard unit for the measurement of electric current.

  • Amplification

    The ratio of output to input magnitude in a device which is designed to produce an increased value output.

  • Amplitude

    The maximum displacement of a varying quantity, measured from some datums.

  • Analogue components

    Analogue components generate time-continuous outputs (volts, pressure, and so forth) to manipulate process inputs...

  • Anchor

    A heavy forging or casting shaped to grip the sea bottom, and by means of a cable or rope, holds a ship or other...

  • Anchor chain, anchor cable

    A heavy chain used for holding a vessel at anchor. The total length of chain is to be divided in approximately...

  • Anchor pocket

    A recess in the bow plating large enough to accommodate the anchor so that there is no projection outside of shell...

  • Anchor windlass trials

    Each windlass shall be tested under working conditions after installation on-board to demonstrate satisfactory...

  • Anchor/mooring equipment of Bergesen’s LNG tankers

    Rauma Brattvaag has provided anchoring and mooring systems for 140,000m3 LNG tankers built by Daewoo for Bergesen...

  • Anchor/mooring equipment of the cruise liner ELATION

    Low-noise anchoring and mooring equipment are valued by Carnival Cruise Lines, whose 70,400gt ELATION and PARADISE...

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