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  • Air heater

    A heat exchanger, which uses steam, water or electricity to increase the air temperature.

  • Air lock

    An enclosed space for entrance between an outdoor gas dangerous zone on open deck and a gas safe space, arranged...

  • Air lubrication

    An innovative concept of reducing hull friction by means of air lubrication. A layer of air is generated between...

  • Air pipe

    A pipe provided to equalize the tank pressure with the atmospheric one while the tank is being emptied or filled...

  • Air receiver, air reservoir

    A pressure vessel for storing compressed air. Air receiver is built and tested similarly to aboiler drum.

  • Air resistance

    That part of a ship resistance to motion that is due to the resistance of the air to above-water portion of the...

  • Air trunks

    Parts of the hull that may either itself be used to conduct air or which contain air ducts as well as other lines...

  • Air-drying paints

    Paints which dry and form a film while exposed to air. Oil and alkyd paints are usually air-drying.

  • Air-fuel ratio (AFR)

    Air-fuel ratio is the mass ratio of air to fuel present during combustion.

  • Airless spray

    A method of paint spraying which does not use compressed air to atomise the paint.

  • Alarm

    A visual and/or audible signal indicating an abnormal situation.

  • Aldis lamp

    A hand-held electrically operated signal lamp.

  • Alignment

    An arrangement of different structural members in one straight line: alignment of butt welds, alignment of stiffeners...

  • Alkyd resin

    A synthetic resin made by a reaction of two chemicals in the presence of natural or processed oil.

  • Alleyway

    Any corridor aboard vessel connecting one part of the accommodation to another part.

  • Allision

    The act of striking or collision of a moving vessel against a stationary object.

  • Alloy flux

    A flux which the alloy content of the weld metal is largely dependent on.

  • All-weld-metal test specimen

    A test specimen with the reduced section composed entirely of weld metal.

  • Alternating current (AC)

    Alternating current is a form of electricity in which the current alternates in direction (and the voltage alternates...

  • Alternator

    An alternating current generator. See also Shaft alternator.

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