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  • Aft peak bulkhead

    A term applied to the first main transverse watertight bulkhead forward of the stern.

  • Aft peak tank

    The compartment in the narrow part of the stern aft of the aft peak bulkhead.

  • Aft perpendicular (AP)

    The aft perpendicular passes through the aft end of the freeboard length L.

  • After shoulder

    The part of the ship form where the parallel middle body and the run meet.

  • Afterbody

    That portion of a ship hull aft amidships.

  • Aground

    When a vessel rests on something solid other than the blocks in a dry-dock or slipway she is said to be aground.


    Anchor Handling, Tug, Supply Vessel SIEM PEARL, based on Wärtsilä Ship Design’s VS491 CD design, was delivered...

  • Aids to navigation

    Charted marks such as buoys, beacons, lights, radio beacons and the like.

  • Aids to navigation service and buoy laying vessel RELUME

    According to HSB International September 2004. The sophisticated light tender RELUME was built by the Dutch shipbuilding...

  • Aids to navigation service vessel

    The vessel specially equipped to maintain and repair navigation buoys, beacons, automatic lighthouses, etc.

  • Air compressor

    Usually two-stage, two-crank machine used aboard ship to supply compressed air. The air is compressed in the first...

  • Air conditioning

    The control of temperature and humidity in a space together with the circulation, filtering and refreshing of the...

  • Air conditioning system

    A typical recirculating system contains a fan to produce the airflow through the system, a cooling coil where the...

  • Air cooler cleaning system

    The airside of the scavenge air cooler is cleaned by a chemical fluid injected into a spray pipe arrangement. Polluted...

  • Air cooler, charge air cooler

    A heat exchanger used to cool and, therefore, increase the specific density of air prior to combustion in an engine.

  • Air cushion vehicle (ACV), hovercraft

    A craft with the whole or a significant part of its weight supported, whether at rest or in motion, by a continuously...

  • Air draft

    The vertical distance from the waterline to the highest fixed part of a vessel.

  • Air dryer

    A unit used to remove moisture from control air. It may use a refrigerant drier or a desiccant.

  • Air duct

    Thin-walled piping or ducting (circular or rectangular) used exclusively to conduct air.

  • Air gun

    Air guns are devices that rapidly release compressed air into water creating the effect of explosion. To provide...

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