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  • Active heave-compensation (AHC) technology

    Offshore cranes and other equipment doing subsea work are provided with AHC systems to ensure presicion in high...

  • Active-fin stabilisers

    The reduction of rolling provides better fuel/speed performance on rough seas, enhances crew safety and possibly...

  • Actuator

    A motor providing rotary or linear motion.

  • Adblue

    Registered trademark for AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%) and is used in a process called selective catalytic...

  • Added mass

    The mass of water which is considered to be set in motion by a ship when heaving, pitching, rolling and vibrating.

  • Additives

    Chemicals added to fuel, lubricating oils or fresh water to improve their physical or chemical characteristics.

  • Adhesion of a coating

    Bonding strength; the attraction of a coating to the substrate, or to another film of paint or any other material...

  • Adhesive

    Substance that makes things stick.

  • Adiabatic

    A thermodynamic process described by that no heat is added or removed from the system.

  • Admeasurements

    The confirmed or official ship dimensions.

  • Administration

    As used in international conventions, the government of the state whose flag the ship is flying.

  • Admiralty coefficient, Admiralty constant

    A coefficient used in the preliminary estimations of the power required in a new design to attain the desired speed.

  • Adrift

    Floating, not controlled, without a clearly determinable direction. A vessel is said to be adrift when she breaks...

  • Adsorbent

    A solid substance used to remove components from a gas being processed.

  • Adsorption

    Adhesion of molecules from a gas or liquid to a surface. Typical examples are instrument or inert gas driers. Should...

  • Advance

    The distance that the ship has advanced in a direction parallel to the original course measured from the point...

  • Afloat

    In a floating condition; the opposite of aground.

  • Aframax tanker

    A tanker with deadweight of 79,999dwt, however the term Aframax is generally used for tankers in the 50,000 – 100,000dwt...

  • A-frame

    A type of lifting gear often installed on stern of cable vessels, pipe-lying vessels and offshore construction...

  • Aft peak

    A compartment located aft of the aftermost watertight bulkhead.

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