at Wärtsilä in Denmark

Guaranteed power supply with significant cost savings

Wärtsilä has signed an agreement with Kronospan Ltd., a leading manufacturer and distributor of wood-based panels. According to the agreement, Wärtsilä will help ensure a constant power supply to Kronospan’s production facility in Chirk, Wrexham, United Kingdom. The electricity will be provided by a new power plant also supplied by Wärtsilä and owned and operated by Kronospan. In addition to electricity, the plant will also provide heat for the production processes, bringing clear cost savings to the customer and environmental benefits. The agreement, which was signed last summer, includes technical advisory and maintenance services as well as spare parts.

The cooperation will begin with Wärtsilä supplying three Wärtsilä 34 engines, running on natural gas, to Kronospan’s production facility in Chirk by the end of 2015. The cooperation will continue with a long-term maintenance agreement that will maximise uptime of Kronospan’s facility. The agreement guarantees Kronospan reliable power generation at a competitive price and minimises the need to use electricity from the national grid.

“We are really happy to partner with Wärtsilä for the next 11 years. Wärtsilä offered the best and most competitive solution that met our needs perfectly. Reliable power generation is essential to our operations, and this partnership helps provide us with the security of power supply we need in order to keep producing top of the line products for our customers,” Chris Ryan, Group Secretary from Kronospan says.

“Thanks to this agreement, Kronospan can focus on their core business while we are managing the power supply for their plant. We want to help Kronospan reduce its operational costs, allowing them to invest more in their core business for the future. For Wärtsilä, this is also an opportunity to develop our Asset Performance Management agreements portfolio,” says John Chester, General Manager at Wärtsilä UK.

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