at Wärtsilä in Denmark

Wärtsilä produces more ecological technology

Product manager Reetta Kaila is in her dream job. She has debated herself as a doctor of technology, and now she works at Wärtsilä developing environmental technology. The goal is to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and make customer’s results reflect the changes in a positive way.

“I get to make the most of all of my professional knowledge and education in this job. The job itself is challenging, and enables skill-development in multiple ways.” Says Reetta.

At Wärtsilä, Reetta started five years ago as an expert. Since last fall, she has been leading a small team that focuses on developing new energy solutions for offshore & marine customers for utilizing waste streams. The customers work mainly in oil, gas and energy industries and for these industries, new innovations may be truly significant. These new solutions enable for example exploiting the gas that forms in oilfields as a result of drilling – a gas that would otherwise be burnt flared or even vented. As a result, total operating efficiency is improved and greenhouse gases are reduced. For example by recovering volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the need for primary fuel can be reduced by more than 40%.

Wärtsilä is an international company and this shows in personnel as well as in ways-of-working. Likewise Reetta’s colleagues are from different parts of the world, and a big part of her team’s work is done in Norway. Since most of the clients are international, traveling is a part of the job too. All in all, the work has given a ground stand view for the changes in the industry.

What makes the job especially interesting, is that work is done in a very entrepreneurial spirit. If an employee is initiative and has courage, possibilities to work with both big entities and more detailed tasks are open. You must have team working skills and ability to address tasks.

At Wärtsilä the innovations always spur from need of a client. Each client has a unique situation and this is what makes the work very interesting. The global working environment sweeps you in.

 “Colleagues are great, and we spend time together also on free time and in different activities. I wouldn’t want to separate work and leisure as they go hand-in-hand feeding each other. In the end, I can summarize my work into three different things: enthusiasm, excellence and excitement.

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