at Wärtsilä in Denmark

Wärtsilä Exhibition Hall at SMU

12 October marked the opening ceremony of Wärtsilä’s Exhibition Room at Shanghai Maritime University’s (SMU) Merchant Marine College. Present at this memorable ceremony were Mr Roger Holm, President of Marine Solutions, Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Management of Wärtsilä Corporation, Mr James Han, Managing Director for Wärtsilä China, Mr Yang Wanfeng, Vice President of SMU and many other Wärtsilä and Merchant Marine College colleagues.

The room, which is located at F1 Building F Commercial Shipping School, showcases Wärtsilä’s history in China, an overview of the Business Units and some product details on propellers, impellers, thrusters, waterjets and generators. A hologram offers more information on Wärtsilä products.

Mr Holm and Mr Han spoke on the occasion and expressed appreciation and gratitude towards SMU for producing many qualified talents for Wärtsilä and the marine industry in general. Although the shipping industry is going through a challenging transition, Wärtsilä’s commitment to China remains strong and they expected to see many more graduates from SMU joining Wärtsilä in the future.

Wärtsilä and SMU have enjoyed good working relations on the fronts of talent development, scientific research, cultural tradition and innovation. The Exhibition Room is designed to help students and faculty better understand the company business and enhance company goodwill, providing a strong platform for future cooperation.
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