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Seabin And Two Other Inventions That Help To Clean Our Seas

Seas are filled with plastic waste and we can probably all agree, that new inventions are needed in order to save our precious waters. Huffington Post has posted an article, where they introduce three inventions that are cleaning our oceans. One of these inventions is the Seabin, which “Literally sucks pollution out from the water’s surface”, writes Huffington Post.

The second invention is Boyan Slat’s organization’s, The Ocean Cleanup’s, latest innovation – a drifting V-shaped system, that cleans the surface of the sea while the currents push it along. The whole project is quite ambitious: these systems are estimated to remove half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (between Hawaii and California) in 5 years!

The third invention is a technology, that will turn plastic into oilAdrian Griffiths from the company Recycling Technologies is operating a machine in a trash processing center near London to break down all sorts of plastic products. Basically the machine heats the debris into 500 degrees Celsius, melting it into vapor. After this, the plastic is cooled to create different fuels, which can be sold to petrochemical companies, or wax, that can be used in cosmetics.

Indeed, incredible inventions!

Read the Huffington Post’s article here.

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