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Q&A with Timo Koponen about Gastech 2015

What is Wärtsilä hoping to achieve at Gastech 2015?
Our story continues with the same message that we took off with during the last Gastech 18 months ago – that we are a serious player in the Gas Value Chain. This time with more details and more concrete elements and examples.

We would like to share the true scale of our gas capabilities, global footprint and success stories. We have a growing list of interesting references to share across the entire gas value chain. We are also very excited about our Wärtsilä Mobile LNG concept that will be launched at Gastech 2015 – more information to come soon, and I am convinced we will generate a lot of interest in that.

What has changed in Wärtsilä’s capabilities since Gastech 2014?
We definitely have more success stories today to talk about compared with just 18 months ago. The one case that we are indeed very excited about, where they’ve recently laid the cornerstone, is the EPC contract for the LNG terminal in Tornio, Finland. It is clear that we have demonstrated to the industry and also to ourselves that we can be competitive in this field.

What are the top 3 things that you would like Gastech 2015 attendees and prospective customers to know about Wärtsilä’s Gas capabilities?
Firstly, we will convey that Wärtsilä is a serious player in the gas industry and across the gas value chain. With the list of capabilities that we can now reference, the Wärtsilä name must become synonymous with Gas.

Secondly, that we are seen as an innovative company, and one that’s willing to invest and drive developments in this field.

Thirdly, that we’re seen as a company that’s easy to work with.

How important is an event like Gastech to Wärtsilä, and why?
As Gastech is one of the leading exhibitions on the global Gas calendar and a meeting point for significant players in the Gas industry, we hope to have as many fruitful discussions as possible with customers and other stakeholders. We intend to do that during the face-to-face discussions, and also via the CoTEs seminar presentations that our subject matter experts will be speaking in.

Internally, within Wärtsilä, Gas is one of the cornerstones of our Corporate Strategy, and occupies a key position within the strategies of Marine Solutions and Energy Solutions. Hence, we’re not at Gastech just to “show face”, but to do business.

I must add that all of Wärtsilä’s business divisions – Marine Solutions, Energy Solutions and Services – will be represented there. We are going in with a unified front, and a unique value proposition in that we will be able to cross utilise our expertise across the divisions when discussing different solutions for customers.

What are you most looking forward to at Gastech?
Personally, it is to meet and discuss what we have developed, namely Wärtsilä Mobile LNG. The starting point for the development of the new concept was at OTC about half-a-year ago. When I met industry experts, the common message was that this was something customers needed and was missing from the market. Now, we have developed a concept that can make this happen. I am looking forward to sharing that, and to also gauge the reactions of our customers and partners.

Also, at an event like Gastech, our discussions with industry partners gives us better information about whom we can cooperate with.

Are you excited by the fact that people will be able to get a taste of Finland’s very own drink called “Lonkero”?
Indeed, it is a nice little detail that we’ve got lined up in our stand. Lonkero is maybe the most Finnish drink that I know of. I like Lonkero, it’s an all-year-round drink, and I’m pretty certain guests at our stand will also enjoy it. To one and all, I say, “Tervetuloa”, which means welcome in Finnish, and “Kippis”, which is the Finnish equivalent of “cheers”.

Timo Koponen is Vice President, Flow & Gas Solutions at Wärtsilä

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