at Wärtsilä in Denmark

Project AWARE Gathered Divers Together In Finland For The Common Good

On the 1st of September, Wärtsilä arranged a clean-up day in collaboration with the Project AWARE Movement for the fourth time. The event was organized in Helsinki, Finland. Divers and supporters from Wärtsilä and most of the diving club of Helsinki volunteered to spend the day pulling up junk from the seabed.

Project AWARE is a global movement aimed at raising the awareness of how important it is to keep our oceans and seas clean. Many events are organized around the world, where volunteers clean selected locations from litter sitting at the bottom of the sea. Divers collect the garbage, onshore volunteers help to dispose of it, and the items collected will be analyzed in a laboratory to understand their impact on the underwater ecosystem.

The catch pulled from the waters was quite impressive. It included bottles, cans, bicycles, tires and even one shopping cart! On the site, a local artist created an installation using the garbage that was hauled from the sea. The event also attracted visitors that were passing by, who were interested in the catch divers had pulled from the depths. Some of the passers-by also participated in the event by gathering garbage from the shore.

Projects like AWARE are a great way to do something concrete for the sake of the oceans and other water bodies. Thanks to all the participants for your efforts and energy in the event! Wärtsilä will continue partnering with Project AWARE in the future.

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