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Finland's Seabin Squad Expands This Summer!

Helsinki, Turku and Vaasa received their first Seabins last year and now as a new addition, cities of Rauma and Hanko are also receiving their very own bins. The new Seabins are located at Hanko’s Eastern Guest Harbour and Rauma’s Syväraumanlahti Marina. These new locations were chosen through applications in a contest arranged by Wärtsilä. The new homes of the Seabins were decided based on applicants’ readiness to maintain and keep an eye on the Seabin, and in terms of the physical location of the bin to avoid malfunctions.

“The amount of debris, and especially the amount of plastic waste in the sea, is growing explosively. Of course, HSF Marine and Hanko as a seaport want to be part of supporting the Seabin Project and paving the way for a cleaner future. We are really excited to have a Seabin in our marina, which catches peoples’ attention and keeps the dock pool cleaner. Each piece of debris we can collect from the sea helps”, says Port Captain Oscar Cavonius from the Hanko Guest Port.

Donated Seabins are in most cases maintained and monitored by the cities and harbours of the locations receiving them. All the Seabins in Finland’s locations are now installed and ready to roll. Last year’s Seabin launch was a great success in Finland, and now the bins are hungry for more!

“The City of Rauma wants to be responsible an ecological marine city. We have long traditions, which are also part of our city’s official strategy. We are taking care of environment’s health, safety and comfort in a sustainable way. We hope, that with the help of the Seabin we can educate the new boating generation to act in more responsible and ecological ways”, says the Operations Manager Markku Savolainen from the City of Rauma.

Wärtsilä has partnered with the Seabin Project since 2017. Northern Europe’s first ever Seabin was installed in Helsinki, Finland in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and the Port of Helsinki. The purpose of this co-operation is to raise awareness concerning littering of the seas and oceans. The effect that plastic is having on our environment and ecosystems is tremendous. It is estimated that by 2050 oceans are containing more plastics than fish by weight. In total Wärtsilä is donating 40 Seabins around the globe as part of its Future Of The Seas project.


Important part of the Seabin Project is to share knowledge about the health of waters and about the plastic problem in the seas. With the Seabin, it is possible to draw attention to the marine plastic problem and to activate people for concrete actions for the benefit of the seas. What would your concrete action be? Tell us on Bubbling Pledge for Cleaner Seas App! 


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