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Technical support

Proactive screening and analysing of field feedback forms the basis for our technical support. The analysed information is shared with relevant stakeholders for initiating and facilitating product improvement and development.  As part of our proactive technical support, we regularly share technical knowledge to our customers and operators of Wärtsilä products, as well as for internal use, via Service Bulletins and other technical documentation.

Our technical support personnel have wide product and solution related knowledge. Equally we have personnel with deep technical knowledge related to supporting systems, measurement technologies and other special areas. Based on your situation and identified issues, we can provide Q&A type of technical support and related analysis. On-site technical problem solving and deep technical investigations are also part of our technical support offering, as well as online troubleshooting.  Available is also installation performance evaluations on case by case basis or as continuous service in the form of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM).

At Wärtsilä Online you can find:

  • Technical Knowledge in the form of Service Bulletins, manuals, spare part catalogues
  • Access to the TechRequest tool
  • CM reports as per agreement

Wärtsilä Online

If you don’t have access to Wärtsilä Online, please contact or use the request form available behind the following link

Data-Driven Marine Operations & Maintenance On-demand Webinar

Wärtsilä Audit services

Identifying areas for improvement in terms of performance and efficiency is impossible without a clear picture of the current condition of your installation and its unique characteristics. Furthermore, the increasingly strict and complex regulatory demands in both the marine and energy segments can make it challenging to ensure compliance. Wärtsilä Audit services provides you with a complete picture of the current condition of your installation and actionable insights you need to make smarter decisions and unlock the full potential of your installation.

Depending on your needs, a Wärtsilä audit can include:  general maintenance status check, performance analysis, operational profile analysis, SFOC- and emission measurement, equipment health check, vibration analysis, automation systems status check, risk assessment, regulatory compliance check and pre-docking audit services.

Key benefits:
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of your installation
  • Optimise your operations through smarter decision making
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve environmental efficiency
  • Increase fuel flexibility

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