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High quality parts for reliable operations

Combining the use of quality spare parts from an original equipment manufacturer with continuous monitoring and smart maintenance planning can bring considerable benefits for the lifecycle of an installation. The knowledge and expertise of the original equipment manufacturer is of utmost importance when looking for ways to ensure optimised operations. From a lifecycle cost perspective, the use of original parts offers value goes far beyond the spare parts costs.

Spare parts

Full range of original spare parts

We offer a full range of original spare parts, tools and consumables for the following brands:

  • A/S20/25 engines (Sulzer)
  • Aibel
  • Bolnes
  • Cedervall
  • CORT
  • Crepelle
  • Deep Sea Seals
  • Deutz MWM / KHD
  • Euroatlas
  • Flow Group
  • FUNA
  • GMT
  • Greenship
  • Hamworthy
  • Japan Marine Technology
  • John Mills valves
  • Jovyatlas
  • Krystallion
  • Kvaerner Ships equipment
  • LIPS
  • Lyngso Marine
  • Marine Systems Korea
  • Nohab Diesel
  • Poyaud
  • SACM
  • SAM Electronics
  • Serck Como
  • Shipham Valves
  • Stork Werkspoor Diesel
  • Svanehoj
  • Valmarine
  • Wärtsilä Diesel Vasa 14/24
  • Whessoe
  • Wichmann
  • Z/ZA/ZA40S/ZA50 engines

Bolnes, Crepelle, DEUTZ MWM / KHD, Poyaud, SACM, Stork Werkspoor Diesel, A/S20/25 engines and Wärtsilä Vasa 14/24 are supported by QuantiParts.

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