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The Wärtsilä way

Our business is power. At Wärtsilä, people are the ultimate power source. People who make things happen.

Well-being at workplace is important to us. Wärtsilä takes care of its employees throughout the whole employment. Our goal is to create a good workplace in which all employees have the chance to show their best and develop further their competencies. Employees are encouraged to utilize the variety of available Wärtsilä training activities, learning solutions and self-study materials. On-the-job learning, sharing ideas and making use of the various rotation possibilities are also encouraged.

Wärtsilä focuses on teamwork and development of management and leadership skills. There is a wide range of training programs available from newly appointed managers' programs to senior management programs for more experienced people. All employees also have access to view job opportunities available globally at Wärtsilä.

Health and safety is an important part of Wärtsilä operations. The Group continuously improves its existing programs. The aim is to provide a hazard-free and safe workplace wherever we operate. Wärtsilä also supports a variety of preventive recreation activities for employees to promote total well-being at work.

Developing a better place to work
Wärtsilä conducts global employee satisfaction surveys to collect employee feedback on issues related to well-being at work, the work environment, management and strategy, and to initiate development actions for improvement of practices. The survey is conducted approximately every 18th month. All Wärtsilä employees are invited. Read more about the result from the latest survey here.


Find out about Wärtsilä's people management, learning & development, motivation & engagement, number of employees per business and more.

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Employee practices

Wärtsilä's corporate policy on equal opportunities and fair employment practices includes equal opportunities, human and labour rights, well-being at work, no harassment accepted, remuneration, implementation and violations.

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Our people and culture

Wärtsilä culture is a unique fusion of people working in over 70 countries around the world. Our values “Energy, Excellence and Excitement” are strengthened by this diversity. That is why we value people from diverse backgrounds to work at Wärtsilä.

Having the right competencies available at the right time around the globe, and being able to continuously adapt to a changing business environment, are critical success factors for Wärtsilä.

Wärtsilä strives to recruit and engage qualified people with talent and ability - people who capture opportunities and make things happen. We foster openness, respect and trust. We develop and train our employees and then give them the opportunity to succeed. We're committed to making Wärtsilä a place where all employees have the chance to show their best and make a career. This approach enables Wärtsilä to do things better than anyone else in our industry.

Equal Opportunities & Fair Employment Practices

Wärtsilä is committed to foster equal opportunities in employment in which individuals are selected and treated on the basis of their job relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within Wärtsilä Group. 
Wärtsilä supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, as defined in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights, ILO standards, and UN Global Compact principles. We do not accept any form of forced and compulsory labour or the use of child labour.

Wärtsilä complies with local legislation, regulations and agreements concerning human rights, employment and equal opportunities, including all laws pertaining employee data privacy, immigration, working time, wages and hours and employment discrimination. Temporary and part time employees are offered the same benefits as permanent employees according to local legislation and collective agreements.

Wärtsilä applies European Union directives, local acts of cooperation in the companies and corporations, collective agreements, and equivalent regulations concerning consultation and local bargaining.

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