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My year as Wärtsilä Voice

Jul 18, 2017
<p>At the moment I&rsquo;m half way through of my third summer working for W&auml;rtsil&auml;. I felt so comfortable here at Connecting Rod Factory, that I wanted to spend my last summer as a trainee (for now at least) in here. I graduated in June as a mechanical engineer, so now I hope I&rsquo;ll get to continue working for W&auml;rtsil&auml; after summer in a more permanent position!&nbsp; </p> <p>I have enjoyed very much being a part of W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice &ndash;group, it has been nice to get to know other Voices and hear about their positions and experiences at W&auml;rtsil&auml;. &nbsp;Also I learned much about W&auml;rtsil&auml; itself. </p> <p>As you may have noticed if you have been following W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice Instagram page, I&rsquo;m not a fan of taking pictures of myself, so here is a picture of my awesome stress relief engine! <br /> <br /> <a href=""><img title="Stress relief engine" alt="Stress relief engine" src="" data-openoriginalimageonclick="true" data-displaymode="Thumbnail" /></a><br /> &nbsp;<br /> Hope you all got a summer job that you enjoy doing, have a great summer!<br /> <br /> - Tiiu </p>
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