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My year as Wärtsilä Voice

Jun 14, 2017
<p>Hi all,</p> <p>Our journey in W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice program is getting closer to its end and I have already started my second summer as a trainee in W&auml;rtsil&auml;. This time my internship takes place in my hometown Helsinki at headquarters - nice change after three years away from home. My current position is in recently established Services&rsquo; Operational Excellence team which is responsible for supporting transformation projects in different service units of W&auml;rtsil&auml;. Our small team of 8 members is working in a completely international environment which offers a great overview of different functions of W&auml;rtsil&auml;.</p> <p>What did W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice offer me then? First, Voice program eased the way to summer job in Helsinki after one spent summer in Germany. Secondly, I had a chance to meet and get to known with other W&auml;rtsil&auml; youngsters even though I missed our joint dinner. It was easier to start to work in Finland for W&auml;rtsil&auml;, when at least some of the colleagues were familiar already in advance.&nbsp; Sara, from Voice program, is currently sitting next to me in the Service divisions&rsquo; communication team and the team leader of the voice program Saara has helped me to get going with the internship.<br /> <br /> <a href=""><img title="EK and Sara" alt="EK and Sara" src="" data-displaymode="Thumbnail" data-openoriginalimageonclick="true" /></a></p> <p>The best memory from my time in Voice program is from the W&auml;rtsil&auml; Case Event @ Lappeenranta University of Technology, where both engineering and business students were competing against each other in teams of five. We had the privilege to get Malin &Ouml;stman from W&auml;rtsil&auml;&rsquo;s Energy Solutions to join us as a judge. <br /> <br /> <a href=""><img width="720" height="540" title="Case Event at LUT" style="width: 517px; height: 337px;" alt="Case Event at LUT" src="" data-displaymode="Thumbnail" data-openoriginalimageonclick="true" /></a><br /> <br /> The target of the case competition was to innovate different business opportunities for W&auml;rtsil&auml;, when the amount of renewable energy increases in energy production. There were many brilliant solutions with some highly technical details and the winning solution utilized renewable energy to produce methane through a closed cycle. Maybe that is something we&rsquo;ll see in W&auml;rtsil&auml;&rsquo;s portfolio one day!<br /> <br /> - Eero-Kaappo</p>
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