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A company in Vaasa

Feb 03, 2017

Ship engines, huge powerful and messy ship engines. That was almost the only thought about Wärtsilä when I got a call to come to an interview for a summer job. It was spring of 2015 and I was finishing my third year of studies in Oulu, where Wärtsilä isn’t a big name. I was of course interested of the possibility and after a quick googling about the company I decided to make a short trip to Vaasa with my friend who had the same cause. Guess how the job interview went?

I got a job as an assembly worker in the Vaasa engine factory, where the W32/34 engines are built. My workplace was in the mechanical module assembly which means I attached different modules to the engine block. Lots of huge different mechanical parts like pipings, turbos, oil modules, gears and covers. I got to see the core product of Wärtsilä from a close-up range and I got to do lots of hands on stuff which I love. The factory was a fascinating workplace as I could see also the other phases of the production of different engines and their parts. The summer in Vaasa and the company was so great that I of course wanted to come and work there again.

For the second summer, I wanted to see and experience a new part of Wärtsilä. After the spring of active job-hunting I found myself from the Runsor offices where I got to work as a trainee in Wärtsilä’s Nuclear EDG Projects. My job was to assist the project teams with interdisciplinary tasks and I got to see closely how the projects are handled in different phases. My colleagues were from different parts of the world with different backrounds and everyone were so supportive during the summer. I used mostly MS Office tools in versatile tasks from the mechanical, electrical, quality and document control teams. The summer went fast and am truly pleased of the experience.

Now I see that Wärtsilä’s product portfolio doesn’t consist only of dirty engines but is filled with high tech solutions from power plants and ship propulsion to precise remote engine maintenance and ship automation. It’s still just a tiny bit of it all that I’ve experienced so far but I hope to see more of Wärtsilä in the future. Wärtsilä is a great company with countless possibilities and I encourage everyone to apply for #summerpower positions. And yeah, sunny Vaasa with its activities (like the traditional football match between the summer trainees of Wärtsilä and ABB; in the picture below) isn’t a bad place either to spend your summer! :)



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