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Summer at Connecting Rod Factory

Jan 25, 2017

I started my first summer at Wärtsilä in May 2015 as a Supervisor trainee at Connecting Rod Factory.  It was a very confusing feeling when they called me and told me I got the job. I was so excited and happy, but also very afraid about how I would manage, because I had absolutely no experience of working at Wärtsilä, or of the work I was going to do.

At first I got to know the basics, and worked first week with machinists and assemblers going through all the work stages. Next week when I started I threw my overalls away and started to learn programs like SAP and QDMS, and learned to understand basics of production management. I remember thinking I’m never going to get this, there is so much stuff I had to learn and remember, and every day was completely different. But with patience and understanding from coworkers, and mainly of course with help from the supervisor who I was going to substitute, things finally started to make sense.  Of course, at first I needed to write like thousand notes to myself just to get through one day, but still.

Then, when other office workers got back to work, and the most stressful month in my life was behind me, our development engineer started to teach me 3D-modelling when we had time. He gave me some of his real work to practice, and some of those (first models I have ever made) were manufactured and put in use. I also continued to work there as a part-time trainee after the summer.

When a year later they called me again and asked if I wanted to come in for a second summer, my answer was “of course”. Work environment was great, everyone helped me more than enough, and people were very supporting even when I made mistakes.

I strongly recommend Wärtsilä based on my own experiences, so apply now!


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