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A jump into unknown

Jan 23, 2017

I started at Wärtsilä in the spring of 2015, and I was quite lost in front of the new challenge. New tasks, new co-workers, (quite) new city and new working language. My confidence was high, but I also had many doubts about what lies ahead and how will I manage.

Didn’t take long to notice that this is one of the best places I could have ended up in, though. The team I worked in had some great characters and awesome people, which made blending in quite easy. Often it was really fun and laid-back place to be around, which also made it a lot easier in times when I faced problems and had to ask for help to survive my duties. I worked in PCM (parts coordination management), which is a supporting function to sales and logistics. My role as a parts coordinator was to make sure that the orders we got from customers were made correctly, and to figure out how and when the goods can be delivered. Besides handling orders with SAP the work was pretty much just communicating with people from different departments all over the Europe.

Besides the easy-going atmosphere, I definitely liked how freely we were able to work. When I wanted, I was able to perform my tasks very independently without anyone always asking how is it going. But then again, the whole team was always there if I needed help or just wanted to have company. In addition, work time is flexible, and we had a chance to take care of personal matters during the day always when really needed. This definitely suited me. And the job itself offered good amount of challenges, and I learned a lot. Especially during the first half a year or so. Not to mention how big deal Wärtsilä is in the Vaasa area and how much respect it gets. It was fun to notice how people’s attitude changed when I mentioned I work there. All this made me happy to stay in that job the following semester and next summer as well.

Everything I learned during my in PCM has for sure made me more confident and skilful as a person and employee. For a thing, it’s really educational to have to communicate and work with people from totally different cultures continuously. And the job itself aside, working at Wärtsilä gave me a lot of social relationships with people from all over the world, something I cherish a lot. Wärtsilä as employer has to offer job tasks in almost any area in an international environment. Add here the scale and benefits of global organisation, and you have package not many can match. Besides this, at least in our office it was always fun to be in, and I have no reason to believe that this wouldn’t be the case in all other Wärtsilä offices as well. So why not searching open #summerpower vacancies and give it a try?

- Juuso

Summer Power kuva - Juuso

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