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My summer at Wärtsilä

Jan 19, 2017

I remember how excited I was about starting my job at Wärtsilä last summer. It was my first job related to my studies, which made me nervous as well; something I would soon realize was unnecessary. My supervisor and colleagues were warm, welcoming and always there to help if needed.

My job was to stay up to date with what was going on in the company, and making sure that everyone else was up to date as well. As you may understand I worked in the communications department. 

The best part of my work was that no two days were alike. I did everything from photographing various meetings and events, to writing and publishing articles on the internal network and conducting video interviews with retired Wärtsilä employees. I enjoyed the work and really value the hands-on experience I got.

Situated in Vaasa, I had a lovely summer in my old home town. Besides, I got my first glimpse of a career path for me. I look back at my time at Wärtsilä with a smile.


Summer Power - Sara

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