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Summer in Hamburg

Jan 16, 2017

I think it was late September in 2015. I had just started my exchange year in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and I was super thrilled about the upcoming adventure ahead of me. I remember I made it to a point to set myself 3 different goals to achieve within a year. First I wanted to learn German as fluent as possible, second to do some credits in the one of the best technical universities in Europe and third to find an internship in Germany for the next summer.

I started applying for different internships already during the wintertime. Searching and finding one wasn’t easy with my German not being fluent. However after I was lucky to hear about the service sales department of Wärtsilä Germany I didn’t hesitate for a second to send them my application. I think it took like a couple of weeks and I got a request to come to Hamburg for an interview. Oh man I was excited to pack my backpack and head to the second biggest city in Germany which is by the way really, really beautiful. Of course I was a bit nervous for the upcoming interview because I hadn’t had former experience about job interviews abroad so I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I think my first impression was that: “Wow the Finnish culture has definitely taken over the place when all the people were greeting me by saying moin all the time”. It sounded way too familiar with the actual Finnish “moi”. Afterwards it came clear to me it is just a north German way to say “hi”.

During my internship I got a wide sight from the business processes within in the service sales department. I had a chance to see and be part of Wärtsilä’s daily business, to visit a shipyard and to meet some of our business partners. The international environment, where all the Wärtsilä employees work, guarantees a changing and interesting work field. I have to thank all my superiors and colleagues for giving me an actual chance to show my abilities by showing trust towards me. These three months gave me a spark to apply for an internship abroad in the future as well. In my opinion it is always a way to improve yourself and separate yourself from all the other applicants in the future looking for the same opportunities you are.

How about the two other goals? Well after the first semester I had 4 ECTS altogether but luckily I did way better in the second one. Aaand my German is probably still far from being fluent even though I at least got through the daily conversations in the office.


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