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Summer in Runsor

Jan 12, 2017

Two years ago, I searched summer job that would be related to my field but I did not get any. Last year I started to search summer job much earlier than in previous years and I had decided that this time I must get something. When I got the invitation to interview at Wärtsilä I felt relieved but also I was quite nervous. However already in winter holiday week I received the information that I was chosen for the job.

I worked summer 2016 at Wärtsilä in Runsor, Vaasa. The department was called Process Engineering department which is in Energy Solutions. My position was a process engineer trainee in a process engineering team. Our team consisted of my boss and four engineers. On the first day I was really nervous when I stepped into Powergate building and waited my boss in the lobby. But my worries were irrelevant, the team received me very well and took me as one of their own and helped me every time when I needed help. I got quickly used with the system and my work tasks.

My job tasks were new to me and after the summer it felt like I had learnt more during the summer than in two years in school. My main job tasks were planning power plants flow diagrams by using AutoCad PI&D, calculating process values and dimensioning, choosing components and preparing purchase orders with SAP. I also helped to gather technical information to a turbo washing unit matrix.

The whole summer went fast and it was really nice to get known to new people and to see what they do during working days. I really liked the meetings that we had between summer trainees. In those meetings we went through what each of us was working with. In the end of the summer I had much better picture of the work I can possibly do after graduating.

Be brave and seek your dream job! Apply now the summer trainee search is open.

  • Jenny :)

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