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Working in Vaasa

Jan 09, 2017

About a year ago I started to look for summer jobs in the Vaasa region. I did know that I wanted it to be a job that was something that had to do with what I study and a place where I could develop myself and get to extend my knowledge. I applied for a lot of jobs and in the middle of the spring I got a call from Wärtsilä and I knew quite fast that this is job that I want.

So during the summer of 2016 I was working at Wärtsilä in Runsor, Vaasa. The department is called catalyst systems, it’s within the environmental solutions at marine solutions. My work tasks were to make daily purchases, special purchases, make sure we had everything we needed at the right time, make delivery arrangements and deliveries in SAP (this is btw the ERP system at Wärtsilä, perfect if you know it before hand, if not, you’ll learn). When my friends have asked me what I’ve done at Wärtsilä I usually answer that I solve problems, because that is what took the most of my working hours during the summer.

Wärtsilä has been the perfect place to work at for me. I have been so lucky so that I got to continue working there when school started and I’m still working with this part time. During the summer I liked that Wärtsilä arrange different kinds of happenings for summer trainees and that there was so many of us! In our department we were two trainees and we got to know each other really well during the summer and we still have contact :)

If you are thinking about applying for a summer job at Wärtsilä I would say go for it! There is a lot of different working tasks that you can do and the working environment is really good. I can also recommend all of you to come to Vaasa, this is a city that is a live during the summer. There is a lot you can do here and as I already mentioned Wärtsilä also have these different happenings for all summer trainees. If there is anything that you are wondering about, do not hesitate to ask us via social media!

Send that application to Wärtsilä now! See you in the summer :)


Summer Power - Jessica

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