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Nov 04, 2016
<h2><strong>Annukka</strong></h2> <p>Hi,</p> <p>My name is Annukka and I am 22 years old. I just started my master's studies and I am studying business in the University of Aalto in Helsinki. My major is management and international business and I am focusing on human resource management. Before coming to Aalto I did my bachelor's degree in University of Vaasa (majoring also in management and organizations).</p> <p>During the Vaasa years I worked two summers full-time for W&auml;rtsil&auml; and in between part-timely. I worked in human resource department and I gained excellent work experience that is relevant to my studies. Besides the excellent work experience I also got many good friends from W&auml;rtsil&auml;. Thus, I wanted to become a W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice and tell everyone what an great experience and possibility it is to work for W&auml;rtsil&auml;. :)&nbsp;</p> <p>Welcome to follow our W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice journey!&nbsp;</p> <p>Br,<br /> Annukka</p> <p><img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Annukka" title="Annukka" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Eero-Kaappo</strong></h2> <p>Hi,</p> <p>I am 23 years old industrial engineering student from Lappeenranta University of technology. Currently I am working for the first time for W&auml;rtsil&auml; in Service Sales department in Hamburg Germany. I ended up to Hamburg due to my background with German studies. I started my exchange year last September in Karlsruhe Institute of technology and already back then my target was to find an internship in Germany. I shared a common interest with the Service Sales team here in Hamburg and I got a chance of a lifetime to get working experience already at the age of 23. I have enjoyed my time in the beautiful city of Hamburg and especially working with my colleagues here in W&auml;rtsil&auml;. I can&rsquo;t do anything else than highly recommend having an internship abroad. So my dear fellow students if you ever have chance, take it!</p> <p>Best Wishes,<br /> Eero-Kaappo<br /> <br /> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="E-K" title="E-K" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Sara</strong></h2> <p>Hello world! My name is Sara Paldanius, I'm a 20-year old management student at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. Originally, I come from (lovely) Vaasa, and like many others on the west coast I'm bilingual, speaking Swedish as well as Finnish. Last summer I got to utilize this when working for W&auml;rtsil&auml; as a trainee in communications, which I absolutely enjoyed. Now I'm thrilled to spread the word about W&auml;rtsil&auml; via social media as a W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice.</p> <p>When I'm not studying or working I'm probably at the gym, making a mess in the kitchen or involved in something fun within my University's student union. But that's all about me for now. Keep reading and see you on Instagram!</p> <p>All the best,<br /> Sara<br /> <br /> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Sara" title="Sara" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Tiiu</strong></h2> <p>Hi,</p> <p>My name is Tiiu Tuohim&auml;ki, I'm a 23 year old student from Vaasa. I'm studying my third year in University of Applied Scienses to become a mechanical engineer. I have worked at W&auml;rtsil&auml;s Connecting Rod factory for the last two summers as a supervisor trainee, and as an on-call engineer trainee for two semesters. Currently I'm doing my thesis for W&auml;rtsil&auml; on Robotics.</p> <p>-Tiiu<br /> <br /> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Tiiu" title="Tiiu" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Heino</strong></h2> <p>Hello everyone, I&rsquo;m Heino H&auml;rk&ouml;nen, a 25-year-old guy from the north who loves to ski and see the nature around us. I&rsquo;m on my fift year studying mechanical engineering at the University of Oulu and I&rsquo;ve been working in W&auml;rtsil&auml; for two summers so far. First I worked in Delivery Center Vaasa in the engine assembly. Working there gave me great insight of the main product W&auml;rtsil&auml; produces and it was an easy decision to apply again for a summer internship. Last summer I worked in Nuclear EDG projects as a member of the project teams. The summer went really fast and I got a ton of experience from different aspects of project management. W&auml;rtsil&auml; has a broad range of interesting products and solutions. With motivated people around you and a healthy working culture I can highly recommend W&auml;rtsil&auml; as a place to put those things learned in school to practise and grow as an future expert.</p> <p>- Heino<br /> <br /> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Heino" title="Heino" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Jessica</strong></h2> <p>My name is Jessica and I&rsquo;m a 22-year-old from Vaasa. At the moment, I'm on my third year at Hanken in Vaasa with accounting as my major on bachelor level and entrepreneurship and management as my major on master&rsquo;s level. Under my years at Hanken I've been active in our student union and within different decision making organs at Hanken. When I'm not in school I like to train and compete in agility with my spanish waterdog Kiah or to just chill at home or with friends.</p> <p>Right now, I'm working at W&auml;rtsil&auml; as a purchaser and with logistics. I'm working in quite small group of people within the Marine Solutions organization and I'm very happy with this solution and how flexible W&auml;rtsil&auml; is as an employer. To also get the chance to be involved in W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice is just awesome and I'm so looking forward to being a part of this team!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> -Jessica<br /> <br /> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Jessica" title="Jessica" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Juuso</strong></h2> <p>Hi, </p> <p>I&rsquo;m Juuso, 24-year old student from University of Vaasa. I study international business as my major, and I&rsquo;m currently writing my bachelor&rsquo;s thesis about creating brand awareness, both something I can link to #WartsilaVoice project! I&rsquo;m passionately waiting that we can kick-start this project and that I can make #WartsilaVoice be heard and seen not only in social media, but also at our university. We have a great group of people behind this, so follow us and see what we can come across and what working for W&auml;rtsil&auml; is all about!&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> - Juuso<br /> <br /> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Juuso" title="Juuso" /></p> <h2><strong><br /> Jenny</strong></h2> <p>Hello,</p> <p>My name is Jenny Pusula and I am studying energy and environmental technology at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. In this autumn I started third year in my studies and&nbsp;specialization to energy technology. I am 23-years old and originally from Askola, Southern Finland. Three years ago I just came to try and see how is it study in Vaasa, but after few years I still find me from here and I really enjoy it. In summer I worked as a summer trainee in process engineering team. It was my first summer in W&auml;rtsil&auml; and I feel that under those four months I learned more that I have learned at school in two years. : ) I really look forward to work with my new task as a W&auml;rtsil&auml; Voice in upcoming terms! Hope to see you in fairs and follow us in Instagram! :)</p> <p>- Jenny</p> <img src="" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Jenny" title="Jenny" /><br /> <br />
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