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  • My year as Wärtsilä Voice

    Jul 18, 2017

    At the moment I’m half way through of my third summer working for Wärtsilä. I felt so comfortable here at Connecting Rod Factory, that I wanted to spend my last summer as a trainee (for now at least) in here. I graduated in June as a mechanical engineer, so now I hope I’ll get to continue working for Wärtsilä after summer in a more permanent position! 

    I have enjoyed very much being a part of Wärtsilä Voice –group, it has been nice to get to know other Voices and hear about their positions and experiences at Wärtsilä.  Also I learned much about Wärtsilä itself.

    As you may have noticed if you have been following Wärtsilä Voice Instagram page, I’m not a fan of taking pictures of myself, so here is a picture of my awesome stress relief engine!

    Stress relief engine
    Hope you all got a summer job that you enjoy doing, have a great summer!

    - Tiiu

  • My year as Wärtsilä Voice

    Jun 14, 2017

    Hi all,

    Our journey in Wärtsilä Voice program is getting closer to its end and I have already started my second summer as a trainee in Wärtsilä. This time my internship takes place in my hometown Helsinki at headquarters - nice change after three years away from home. My current position is in recently established Services’ Operational Excellence team which is responsible for supporting transformation projects in different service units of Wärtsilä. Our small team of 8 members is working in a completely international environment which offers a great overview of different functions of Wärtsilä.

    What did Wärtsilä Voice offer me then? First, Voice program eased the way to summer job in Helsinki after one spent summer in Germany. Secondly, I had a chance to meet and get to known with other Wärtsilä youngsters even though I missed our joint dinner. It was easier to start to work in Finland for Wärtsilä, when at least some of the colleagues were familiar already in advance.  Sara, from Voice program, is currently sitting next to me in the Service divisions’ communication team and the team leader of the voice program Saara has helped me to get going with the internship.

    EK and Sara

    The best memory from my time in Voice program is from the Wärtsilä Case Event @ Lappeenranta University of Technology, where both engineering and business students were competing against each other in teams of five. We had the privilege to get Malin Östman from Wärtsilä’s Energy Solutions to join us as a judge.

    Case Event at LUT

    The target of the case competition was to innovate different business opportunities for Wärtsilä, when the amount of renewable energy increases in energy production. There were many brilliant solutions with some highly technical details and the winning solution utilized renewable energy to produce methane through a closed cycle. Maybe that is something we’ll see in Wärtsilä’s portfolio one day!

    - Eero-Kaappo

  • A company in Vaasa

    Feb 03, 2017

    Ship engines, huge powerful and messy ship engines. That was almost the only thought about Wärtsilä when I got a call to come to an interview for a summer job. It was spring of 2015 and I was finishing my third year of studies in Oulu, where Wärtsilä isn’t a big name. I was of course interested of the possibility and after a quick googling about the company I decided to make a short trip to Vaasa with my friend who had the same cause. Guess how the job interview went?

    I got a job as an assembly worker in the Vaasa engine factory, where the W32/34 engines are built. My workplace was in the mechanical module assembly which means I attached different modules to the engine block. Lots of huge different mechanical parts like pipings, turbos, oil modules, gears and covers. I got to see the core product of Wärtsilä from a close-up range and I got to do lots of hands on stuff which I love. The factory was a fascinating workplace as I could see also the other phases of the production of different engines and their parts. The summer in Vaasa and the company was so great that I of course wanted to come and work there again.

    For the second summer, I wanted to see and experience a new part of Wärtsilä. After the spring of active job-hunting I found myself from the Runsor offices where I got to work as a trainee in Wärtsilä’s Nuclear EDG Projects. My job was to assist the project teams with interdisciplinary tasks and I got to see closely how the projects are handled in different phases. My colleagues were from different parts of the world with different backrounds and everyone were so supportive during the summer. I used mostly MS Office tools in versatile tasks from the mechanical, electrical, quality and document control teams. The summer went fast and am truly pleased of the experience.

    Now I see that Wärtsilä’s product portfolio doesn’t consist only of dirty engines but is filled with high tech solutions from power plants and ship propulsion to precise remote engine maintenance and ship automation. It’s still just a tiny bit of it all that I’ve experienced so far but I hope to see more of Wärtsilä in the future. Wärtsilä is a great company with countless possibilities and I encourage everyone to apply for #summerpower positions. And yeah, sunny Vaasa with its activities (like the traditional football match between the summer trainees of Wärtsilä and ABB; in the picture below) isn’t a bad place either to spend your summer! :)



  • Summer at Connecting Rod Factory

    Jan 25, 2017

    I started my first summer at Wärtsilä in May 2015 as a Supervisor trainee at Connecting Rod Factory.  It was a very confusing feeling when they called me and told me I got the job. I was so excited and happy, but also very afraid about how I would manage, because I had absolutely no experience of working at Wärtsilä, or of the work I was going to do.

    At first I got to know the basics, and worked first week with machinists and assemblers going through all the work stages. Next week when I started I threw my overalls away and started to learn programs like SAP and QDMS, and learned to understand basics of production management. I remember thinking I’m never going to get this, there is so much stuff I had to learn and remember, and every day was completely different. But with patience and understanding from coworkers, and mainly of course with help from the supervisor who I was going to substitute, things finally started to make sense.  Of course, at first I needed to write like thousand notes to myself just to get through one day, but still.

    Then, when other office workers got back to work, and the most stressful month in my life was behind me, our development engineer started to teach me 3D-modelling when we had time. He gave me some of his real work to practice, and some of those (first models I have ever made) were manufactured and put in use. I also continued to work there as a part-time trainee after the summer.

    When a year later they called me again and asked if I wanted to come in for a second summer, my answer was “of course”. Work environment was great, everyone helped me more than enough, and people were very supporting even when I made mistakes.

    I strongly recommend Wärtsilä based on my own experiences, so apply now!


    Summer Power - tiiu - image

  • A jump into unknown

    Jan 23, 2017

    I started at Wärtsilä in the spring of 2015, and I was quite lost in front of the new challenge. New tasks, new co-workers, (quite) new city and new working language. My confidence was high, but I also had many doubts about what lies ahead and how will I manage.

    Didn’t take long to notice that this is one of the best places I could have ended up in, though. The team I worked in had some great characters and awesome people, which made blending in quite easy. Often it was really fun and laid-back place to be around, which also made it a lot easier in times when I faced problems and had to ask for help to survive my duties. I worked in PCM (parts coordination management), which is a supporting function to sales and logistics. My role as a parts coordinator was to make sure that the orders we got from customers were made correctly, and to figure out how and when the goods can be delivered. Besides handling orders with SAP the work was pretty much just communicating with people from different departments all over the Europe.

    Besides the easy-going atmosphere, I definitely liked how freely we were able to work. When I wanted, I was able to perform my tasks very independently without anyone always asking how is it going. But then again, the whole team was always there if I needed help or just wanted to have company. In addition, work time is flexible, and we had a chance to take care of personal matters during the day always when really needed. This definitely suited me. And the job itself offered good amount of challenges, and I learned a lot. Especially during the first half a year or so. Not to mention how big deal Wärtsilä is in the Vaasa area and how much respect it gets. It was fun to notice how people’s attitude changed when I mentioned I work there. All this made me happy to stay in that job the following semester and next summer as well.

    Everything I learned during my in PCM has for sure made me more confident and skilful as a person and employee. For a thing, it’s really educational to have to communicate and work with people from totally different cultures continuously. And the job itself aside, working at Wärtsilä gave me a lot of social relationships with people from all over the world, something I cherish a lot. Wärtsilä as employer has to offer job tasks in almost any area in an international environment. Add here the scale and benefits of global organisation, and you have package not many can match. Besides this, at least in our office it was always fun to be in, and I have no reason to believe that this wouldn’t be the case in all other Wärtsilä offices as well. So why not searching open #summerpower vacancies and give it a try?

    - Juuso

    Summer Power kuva - Juuso

  • My summer at Wärtsilä

    Jan 19, 2017

    I remember how excited I was about starting my job at Wärtsilä last summer. It was my first job related to my studies, which made me nervous as well; something I would soon realize was unnecessary. My supervisor and colleagues were warm, welcoming and always there to help if needed.

    My job was to stay up to date with what was going on in the company, and making sure that everyone else was up to date as well. As you may understand I worked in the communications department. 

    The best part of my work was that no two days were alike. I did everything from photographing various meetings and events, to writing and publishing articles on the internal network and conducting video interviews with retired Wärtsilä employees. I enjoyed the work and really value the hands-on experience I got.

    Situated in Vaasa, I had a lovely summer in my old home town. Besides, I got my first glimpse of a career path for me. I look back at my time at Wärtsilä with a smile.


    Summer Power - Sara

  • Summer in Hamburg

    Jan 16, 2017

    I think it was late September in 2015. I had just started my exchange year in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and I was super thrilled about the upcoming adventure ahead of me. I remember I made it to a point to set myself 3 different goals to achieve within a year. First I wanted to learn German as fluent as possible, second to do some credits in the one of the best technical universities in Europe and third to find an internship in Germany for the next summer.

    I started applying for different internships already during the wintertime. Searching and finding one wasn’t easy with my German not being fluent. However after I was lucky to hear about the service sales department of Wärtsilä Germany I didn’t hesitate for a second to send them my application. I think it took like a couple of weeks and I got a request to come to Hamburg for an interview. Oh man I was excited to pack my backpack and head to the second biggest city in Germany which is by the way really, really beautiful. Of course I was a bit nervous for the upcoming interview because I hadn’t had former experience about job interviews abroad so I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I think my first impression was that: “Wow the Finnish culture has definitely taken over the place when all the people were greeting me by saying moin all the time”. It sounded way too familiar with the actual Finnish “moi”. Afterwards it came clear to me it is just a north German way to say “hi”.

    During my internship I got a wide sight from the business processes within in the service sales department. I had a chance to see and be part of Wärtsilä’s daily business, to visit a shipyard and to meet some of our business partners. The international environment, where all the Wärtsilä employees work, guarantees a changing and interesting work field. I have to thank all my superiors and colleagues for giving me an actual chance to show my abilities by showing trust towards me. These three months gave me a spark to apply for an internship abroad in the future as well. In my opinion it is always a way to improve yourself and separate yourself from all the other applicants in the future looking for the same opportunities you are.

    How about the two other goals? Well after the first semester I had 4 ECTS altogether but luckily I did way better in the second one. Aaand my German is probably still far from being fluent even though I at least got through the daily conversations in the office.


    E-K - Summer Power 3

    E-K_Summer Power2

    E-K_ Summer Power 1

  • Summer in Runsor

    Jan 12, 2017

    Two years ago, I searched summer job that would be related to my field but I did not get any. Last year I started to search summer job much earlier than in previous years and I had decided that this time I must get something. When I got the invitation to interview at Wärtsilä I felt relieved but also I was quite nervous. However already in winter holiday week I received the information that I was chosen for the job.

    I worked summer 2016 at Wärtsilä in Runsor, Vaasa. The department was called Process Engineering department which is in Energy Solutions. My position was a process engineer trainee in a process engineering team. Our team consisted of my boss and four engineers. On the first day I was really nervous when I stepped into Powergate building and waited my boss in the lobby. But my worries were irrelevant, the team received me very well and took me as one of their own and helped me every time when I needed help. I got quickly used with the system and my work tasks.

    My job tasks were new to me and after the summer it felt like I had learnt more during the summer than in two years in school. My main job tasks were planning power plants flow diagrams by using AutoCad PI&D, calculating process values and dimensioning, choosing components and preparing purchase orders with SAP. I also helped to gather technical information to a turbo washing unit matrix.

    The whole summer went fast and it was really nice to get known to new people and to see what they do during working days. I really liked the meetings that we had between summer trainees. In those meetings we went through what each of us was working with. In the end of the summer I had much better picture of the work I can possibly do after graduating.

    Be brave and seek your dream job! Apply now the summer trainee search is open.

    • Jenny :)

    Jenny - SP - image

  • HR experience from Wärtsilä!

    Jan 10, 2017

    My Wärtsilä journey started already two years ago, when I applied for a summer job. Soon I got a call and was interviewed for a human resource (HR) trainee position. I got to say that the recruitment process was smooth and I was informed very well. I got the job and this summer job was perfectly matching to my studies, since I am studying management and focusing on human resource management.

    Therefore, during the summer 2015 and 2016 (and in-between part-timely) I was a HR trainee in Vaasa (City). HR team there was rather small, just me, my boss and two colleagues, but I got to know my team members very well which was nice. Our team was a part of bigger HR team that was located in Runsor (in Vaasa) and in Turku, so I got also experiences of the remote team work.

    My job tasks varied a lot and the days were never similar. My duties included for example organizing well-being related events and superior trainings, internal marketing about HR-topics, handling the temporary lay-off forms, modifying different Excel-sheets and taking part in a one bigger project where I mapped all the HR processes.

    All in all I got many friends during the Wärtsilä years, as well learned many important skills for my studies and my future career. In addition, I profit more from my studies when I have relevant working experience. The picture below was taken from a boat trip that we did together with my team, so as you see the summer in Vaasa can bring you many memories as well at work as outside the work. I encourage you all to apply for a summer job position at Wärtsilä and join the summerpower! 

    - Annukka

    Summer Power-Annukka

  • Working in Vaasa

    Jan 09, 2017

    About a year ago I started to look for summer jobs in the Vaasa region. I did know that I wanted it to be a job that was something that had to do with what I study and a place where I could develop myself and get to extend my knowledge. I applied for a lot of jobs and in the middle of the spring I got a call from Wärtsilä and I knew quite fast that this is job that I want.

    So during the summer of 2016 I was working at Wärtsilä in Runsor, Vaasa. The department is called catalyst systems, it’s within the environmental solutions at marine solutions. My work tasks were to make daily purchases, special purchases, make sure we had everything we needed at the right time, make delivery arrangements and deliveries in SAP (this is btw the ERP system at Wärtsilä, perfect if you know it before hand, if not, you’ll learn). When my friends have asked me what I’ve done at Wärtsilä I usually answer that I solve problems, because that is what took the most of my working hours during the summer.

    Wärtsilä has been the perfect place to work at for me. I have been so lucky so that I got to continue working there when school started and I’m still working with this part time. During the summer I liked that Wärtsilä arrange different kinds of happenings for summer trainees and that there was so many of us! In our department we were two trainees and we got to know each other really well during the summer and we still have contact :)

    If you are thinking about applying for a summer job at Wärtsilä I would say go for it! There is a lot of different working tasks that you can do and the working environment is really good. I can also recommend all of you to come to Vaasa, this is a city that is a live during the summer. There is a lot you can do here and as I already mentioned Wärtsilä also have these different happenings for all summer trainees. If there is anything that you are wondering about, do not hesitate to ask us via social media!

    Send that application to Wärtsilä now! See you in the summer :)


    Summer Power - Jessica

  • Meet the Wärtsilä Voices!

    Nov 04, 2016



    My name is Annukka and I am 22 years old. I just started my master's studies and I am studying business in the University of Aalto in Helsinki. My major is management and international business and I am focusing on human resource management. Before coming to Aalto I did my bachelor's degree in University of Vaasa (majoring also in management and organizations).

    During the Vaasa years I worked two summers full-time for Wärtsilä and in between part-timely. I worked in human resource department and I gained excellent work experience that is relevant to my studies. Besides the excellent work experience I also got many good friends from Wärtsilä. Thus, I wanted to become a Wärtsilä Voice and tell everyone what an great experience and possibility it is to work for Wärtsilä. :) 

    Welcome to follow our Wärtsilä Voice journey! 






    I am 23 years old industrial engineering student from Lappeenranta University of technology. Currently I am working for the first time for Wärtsilä in Service Sales department in Hamburg Germany. I ended up to Hamburg due to my background with German studies. I started my exchange year last September in Karlsruhe Institute of technology and already back then my target was to find an internship in Germany. I shared a common interest with the Service Sales team here in Hamburg and I got a chance of a lifetime to get working experience already at the age of 23. I have enjoyed my time in the beautiful city of Hamburg and especially working with my colleagues here in Wärtsilä. I can’t do anything else than highly recommend having an internship abroad. So my dear fellow students if you ever have chance, take it!

    Best Wishes,




    Hello world! My name is Sara Paldanius, I'm a 20-year old management student at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. Originally, I come from (lovely) Vaasa, and like many others on the west coast I'm bilingual, speaking Swedish as well as Finnish. Last summer I got to utilize this when working for Wärtsilä as a trainee in communications, which I absolutely enjoyed. Now I'm thrilled to spread the word about Wärtsilä via social media as a Wärtsilä Voice.

    When I'm not studying or working I'm probably at the gym, making a mess in the kitchen or involved in something fun within my University's student union. But that's all about me for now. Keep reading and see you on Instagram!

    All the best,





    My name is Tiiu Tuohimäki, I'm a 23 year old student from Vaasa. I'm studying my third year in University of Applied Scienses to become a mechanical engineer. I have worked at Wärtsiläs Connecting Rod factory for the last two summers as a supervisor trainee, and as an on-call engineer trainee for two semesters. Currently I'm doing my thesis for Wärtsilä on Robotics.





    Hello everyone, I’m Heino Härkönen, a 25-year-old guy from the north who loves to ski and see the nature around us. I’m on my fift year studying mechanical engineering at the University of Oulu and I’ve been working in Wärtsilä for two summers so far. First I worked in Delivery Center Vaasa in the engine assembly. Working there gave me great insight of the main product Wärtsilä produces and it was an easy decision to apply again for a summer internship. Last summer I worked in Nuclear EDG projects as a member of the project teams. The summer went really fast and I got a ton of experience from different aspects of project management. Wärtsilä has a broad range of interesting products and solutions. With motivated people around you and a healthy working culture I can highly recommend Wärtsilä as a place to put those things learned in school to practise and grow as an future expert.

    - Heino




    My name is Jessica and I’m a 22-year-old from Vaasa. At the moment, I'm on my third year at Hanken in Vaasa with accounting as my major on bachelor level and entrepreneurship and management as my major on master’s level. Under my years at Hanken I've been active in our student union and within different decision making organs at Hanken. When I'm not in school I like to train and compete in agility with my spanish waterdog Kiah or to just chill at home or with friends.

    Right now, I'm working at Wärtsilä as a purchaser and with logistics. I'm working in quite small group of people within the Marine Solutions organization and I'm very happy with this solution and how flexible Wärtsilä is as an employer. To also get the chance to be involved in Wärtsilä Voice is just awesome and I'm so looking forward to being a part of this team! 






    I’m Juuso, 24-year old student from University of Vaasa. I study international business as my major, and I’m currently writing my bachelor’s thesis about creating brand awareness, both something I can link to #WartsilaVoice project! I’m passionately waiting that we can kick-start this project and that I can make #WartsilaVoice be heard and seen not only in social media, but also at our university. We have a great group of people behind this, so follow us and see what we can come across and what working for Wärtsilä is all about! 
    - Juuso




    My name is Jenny Pusula and I am studying energy and environmental technology at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. In this autumn I started third year in my studies and specialization to energy technology. I am 23-years old and originally from Askola, Southern Finland. Three years ago I just came to try and see how is it study in Vaasa, but after few years I still find me from here and I really enjoy it. In summer I worked as a summer trainee in process engineering team. It was my first summer in Wärtsilä and I feel that under those four months I learned more that I have learned at school in two years. : ) I really look forward to work with my new task as a Wärtsilä Voice in upcoming terms! Hope to see you in fairs and follow us in Instagram! :)

    - Jenny


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