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Welcome to the Wärtsilä Voice introduction! Our current voices are 3 students: Heidi, Laura & Emma-Julia,  who work as trainees in Wärtsilä Finland. Through our Instagram @wärtsilävoice, these three will help share not only their voice but other voices from Wärtsilä as well.

Interested in what`s going on in Wärtsilä Finland?  Great!
Through this page and our Instagram you will meet the Voices and get to know the people of Wärtsilä. 

The main channel for our Voices is Instagram. So follow @wartsilavoice on Instagram closely, and you won’t miss the newest updates! Hop on board and enjoy the ride!

For more information how to join Wärtsilä as a summer trainee visit the Summer Power site.

Who are the Wärtsilä Voices?

Laura, Vaasa University

I work as a learning and development trainee at Wärtsilä Finland’s HR department. I have already conducted my bachelor’s degree in business administration in a University of Applied Sciences, and now I am completing my master’s degree in the university, where my major is international business. My daily tasks include taking care of the competence development on a local level and organizing needed training and courses. Furthermore, I am involved in local employer branding related projects and I create content to the @wartsilavoice -Instagram account together with Heidi and Karolina.

“Here only the sky is the limit. Due to the innovative working culture and endless job possibilities, I learn something new everyday”

Karolina Bergvik

I work as a Communications Coordinator in Wärtsilä Finland’s Communications team. I work a lot with the Smart Technology Hub program and coordinate different communication activities belonging to the program ( I produce internal content to our intranet, internal TV and internal social media. But as the work as a communicator is very versatile, I get the opportunity to also work with our external webpages, social media, videos, press releases and events. The wartsilavoice-Instagram is a fun complement to my daily tasks, and I recommend following the channel if you want to get insight in the life of Wärtsilians in Finland.


Karolina Bergvik
“In Wärtsilä I get the opportunity to work on versatile tasks and learn new skills.”


Heidi, Åbo Akademi

I work as an HR-trainee in Wärtsilä Finland through the Suomen Mentorit-programme. My job includes various HR-related tasks,for instance maintaining employee details in our HR-tools, offering ad hoc guidance and assistance in HR-related questions and being involved in matters related to events and employer branding. Additionally, I have had the chance to participate in a few bigger projects, like maintaining the Instagram account @Wartsilavoice together with Karolina and Laura.

“At Wärtsilä I value the international culture, the professional atmosphere and the friendly work environment”

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