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Reshape the world with experienced business people. Share your ideas, digital skills and disruptive thinking with a seasoned Wärtsilä professional. Get connected and come as you are.  There are plenty of topics to choose from. Are you up for the challenge? Sign up today!

How it works?

  • Get paired up with Wärtsilä business professional to share your views and to discuss different topics e.g. your views on trends & interesting examples
  • Commit to 1-3 meetings


What’s in it for me?

  • Get ‘licence to ask’ - a unique sneak peak to corporate world
  • Improve your internship and job placement possibilities and get inspiration to potential career paths
  • Connect with business professionals and when you rock get recommendations e.g to your LinkedIn profile

Topics to cover


Augmented & Virtual Reality

Interested in AI & VR? What are the things to follow, what interests you the most. Share your insights, give tips and tricks for interesting things to predict the future.

Millennial Approach

How do you organise your daily life. What type of apps you use? Share examples of millenial productivity and challenge your business pros’ ways of working,

Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Are you fascinated about the possibilities created by AI and Analytics? Have a point of view to share and discuss? 



What is your take on the use of robotics? Do you share the passion of making boring things easier with use of robotics? Do you have some cool examples on top of your mind to share?


Step up and share your insights if you are not afraid to look beyond existing. Blockchain is here to stay and we want to hear your views.

Design Thinking & Prototyping

Is customer empathy like air you breath? Do you exist for creating great products and services? Share your passion, ways of working with design matters further. 

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